Mancini Racing’s Big-Block Engine Dolly Is The Last You’ll Ever Purchase

Do you have an engine block in some form of assembly that needs to be stored in your garage or shop? With the engine on an engine stand, it cannot be easily rolled around or stored under a workbench. Mancini Racing has introduced an engine dolly (the design is based upon and used with permission from AR Engineering) that will allow you to easily maneuver and store your B or RB-series big block.

The dolly is constructed from 304 grade stainless steel with four high-strength ball-bearing swivel casters (rated at 500lbs each) and all the hardware to mount the dolly to your block. The dolly can be ordered in a zinc or powder coated finish, which will provide a surface that is impervious to the damaging effects of gasoline, oil, water, and other fluids. As a result of this high-quality construction, the dolly will provide years of use.

Above left: The dolly’s design (used with permission from AR Engineering) provides 9-inches of oil pan clearance. If the oil pan has kickouts, the side clearance is nearly as ample. The dolly mounts to the bell housing and to the engine mount bosses. Above right: On the dolly are two slots on each upright that provide cargo strap mounting points to ensure the engine can be secured in a truck bed during transit. The design of the dolly provides decent access to all points of the engine should work on the block be necessary.

The Mancini Racing engine dolly works with all Mopar big blocks from the 361-440 (excluding the 426 Hemi) with standard OEM engine mount bosses on the block. If you have a specialty big block with non-standard mounting points, contact the reps at Mancini about an adapter for the dolly. With plenty of space for depth and width, the dolly accommodates deep-sump drag race oil pans or an oil pan with side kickouts. Mancini has even engineered the dolly with convenient slots in each corner upright for cargo straps to allow the engine to be easily secured in the bed of a pickup for transportation.

If you are looking for the best engine dolly on the market, get in touch with Mancini Racing about the last engine dolly you will ever buy.

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Chris Holley

Technical Contributor Chris has been a college professor for 25 years; at Pennsylvania College of Technology in Williamsport, PA. for the last 20 years. Chris instructs automotive classes in HVAC, electrical/electronics, and high-performance, including using a chassis dyno, flow benches, and various machining equipment. Recently, he added a vintage vehicle upholstery class to his teaching assignments. Chris owns a '67 Dart, a '75 Dart, a '06 Charger, and a '12 Cummins turbo diesel Ram, and he is a multi-time track champion (drag racing) with his '69 340 Dart, which he has owned for 34 years.

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