See The Most Depressing Fate of a Rare Chrysler 300 Hurst


A couple of weeks ago we presented you the very uber-rare 1970 Chrysler 300 Hurst (or “300H” as many have come to know the model) convertible, once used as the parade float for the lovely Miss Linda Vaughn that went up for auction. Although there are contentions whether there were one or two convertible 300H’s built (one of which was purportedly equipped with the legendary 426 Hemi), we know that there were several standard hardtop versions produced for 1970 (in fact, 501).

Built upon the restyled Chrysler 300 hardtop, all coupes received pretty much the same treatment: fiberglass hoods and decklids with an incorporated hood scoop and spoiler, a 440 Magnum with a 4-barrel carburetor spinning a 727 TorqueFlite 3-speed and a 8 3/4 Sure Grip. Being a Hurst, each was colored with tan Imperial interiors, and bodies in white and gold. Albeit a massive two-door, it truly did get up and out of its way when all four-barrels opened up.

Sadly, being that there was only 501 units made, the Chrysler 300H’s were already rare. And as time as progressed these machines’ numbers have only thinned further. Alas, as you can see here, one less 300H is on the road and despite it’s WWII battleship size, the big Chrysler was anything but indestructible. Listed on the salvage title-only site, this 300H met with a very untimely end.

We can only image what obstacle this 300H hit and at what speed for it to have taken so much damage as this one has. And as Bryan McTaggart of stated, “It appears that either the nose got clipped at high speed from the passenger side, or this was a multi-car accident that somehow involved a brick wall directly to the nose of the car. Whatever happened, the 300 Hurst is far beyond saving, for sure. Which is sad, considering that this was a 9,515-mile collector car prior to the accident.”


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Kevin Shaw

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