Silver Sport Transmissions Releases New STX (Street/Track/AutoX) Shifters

Silver Sport Transmissions is proud to announce their brand new line of STX (Street/Track/AutoX) performance shifters for both their stock Tremec TKO and Tremec Magnum manual transmissions. These fantastic new shifters provide a shorter throw, tighter feel, provide a stronger neutral bias for an improved 2-3 up-shift and feature a superior sealing system to prevent leaks. On top of that, they are a simple bolt-on item and do not require any modifications to your transmission so practically anybody can install one themselves.

The STX TKO shifter features a double trunnion design and dual biasing springs to help you nail the 2-3 shift with the positive neutral center return. This shifter has a 10% throw reduction from the stock TKO unit with front to back being reduced by 12% over the stock TKO and the cross car throw being reduced by 7%.

The STX Magnum shifter also features a double trunnion design and uses small Belleville spring shims to eliminate any backlash for a tight, crisp shift feel. The STX has a 20% throw reduction over the stock unit and front to back throw is 23% shorter and 39% shorter from side to side resulting in a narrowed “tight” shift pattern. It comes with a bronze shift bushing to replace the stock nylon bushing that could wear down over time and cuts out the slack found in the stock nylon bushing.

The shifters feature a compact design and heavy duty aluminum and steel construction. You’ll find absolutely zero plastic parts on them! Each one is tailored to provide the best shifting experience for the Tremec transmission they bolt to. They are priced at $399.95 USD and are available in two shifter positions; front or rear position.

STX Shifters 600 stx_tko stx_tko_rear

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