SRT Tomahawk Vision Gran Turismo Concept Looks Two Decades Into The Future


For the past few years, the “Vision” vehicles of Gran Turismo 6 have yielded some incredible concepts, but the SRT Tomahawk might be the wildest and most ambitious offering yet. The Vision program has allowed automakers to design dramatic, emotionally driven concept vehicles free of constraints like the substantial financial investment required to build a tangible model, as well the inherent design limitations of production vehicles, which see government regulation in everything from bumper depth to A-pillar dimensions. Those regulations are a large part of why many people complain that all modern cars look similar to one another.

But those rules don’t apply to the virtual concept world, so the SRT Tomahawk takes full advantage of the no-holds-barred freedom offered by GT6.


Not to be confused with the Dodge Tomahawk motorcycle concept from 2003, which might’ve been more aptly named the “Widowmaker Concept” due to its Viper-sourced V10 powerplant (!), the new SRT Tomahawk envisions what a Mopar supercar might look like in 2035. Considering what this concept has to offer, even if only a portion of what the Tomahawk boasts comes to fruition, the future is looking bright.

For example, the performance is nothing short of jaw-dropping: Powered by a 7.0-liter V10 pushing the rear wheels and an air propulsion system driving the front, the combined output of the hottest of the three Tomahawk models belts out a tire-incinerating 2560 horsepower – more than three and a half times what the mighty Hellcat V8 currently offers. It also sports a theoretical top speed of over 400 miles per hour.


Visually, the Tomahawk’s design borrows liberally from modern day mid-engined hypercars with a pronounced front splitter and massive rear diffuser, while the large side intakes remind us of those fitted to the Ferrari LaFerrari and boomerang-style headlights are vaguely reminiscent of the McLaren P1’s. But the large NACA duct in the center of the hood makes it clear that this definitely a Mopar vehicle.

As a further evolution of current hypercar technology, the SRT Tomahawk features elaborate active aerodynamic elements. Where cars like the LaFerrari offer a rear spoiler which deploys automatically to provide downforce and serve as an additional air brake when needed, the Tomahawk’s bodywork deploys no less than seven active elements to alter the wind’s effect on the car, allowing it to stop faster, corner harder and stay more planted to the ground than fixed aero pieces would allow.


Gran Turismo 6 players will have three versions of the SRT Tomahawk to choose from. The most street-friendly version of the concept, the Tomahawk S, will output a combined 1007 horsepower, while the GTS-R will push things further into insanity with a more powerful version of that V10, good for a total of 1450 horsepower from the hybrid drivetrain. But the full-wick race spec version, the Tomahawk X, is the one that dishes out the completely bananas output to the tune of over 2500 horsepower, with 2168 of its (hypothetical) ponies coming directly from the V10 powerplant.

Obviously the SRT Tomahawk is a work of fiction in its current presentation. But more of often than not there is a nugget of truth in concept vehicles, so don’t be surprised if the next Viper (or its potential successor) incorporates some of this concept’s features into its design on some level.

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Bradley Iger

Feature Contributor Brad is not only a Mopar aficionado and contributor to Mopar Connection, but the Editor-in-Chief of Winding Road Magazine, offering in-depth looks at new vehicles as well as a unique perspective on the driving experience through online video.

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