Runs 11-Second 1/4-Mile In Dodge Charger Hellcat


There’s famous story about Ronnie Sox being called in by Chrysler to get the famous ’69 1/2 440 6-BBL Road Runner to run a sub-13-second quarter-mile pass. After a day’s worth of testing before a bunch of “suits,” Sox was told to “make it happen” and took that as a green light to do whatever was necessary. A decade later, Sox admitted that coaxing the Road Runner to a 12.98-second pass required rowing through the gears without the use of the clutch.

Apparently, getting the new 2015 Dodge Charger Hellcat to an 11-flat-second pass requires far less (damaging) methods. With its 707-supercharged-ponies erupting from a blown 6.2-liter V8, discovered that the Charger required no less than 13 quarter-mile passes of tweaking variables like tire pressures and the HUD’s various electronic aids to manage a 11.03 second pass at 126.61 mph, which even bests their previous 11.41-second pass in a Challenger Hellcat last year.


Riding on the optional Pirelli P Zero tires, believed they might have made a run below 11 seconds, but got the wheels to spin. Using the factory-recommended pressures, the Charger Hellcat still performed flawlessly with an 11.27-second time recorded. Of course, dropping the pressures down to 25 psi proved the best trick for the fastest passes. As reported:

“Getting the Charger Hellcat out of the hole was best accomplished by leaving the line as smoothly as possible from idle by gently squeezing the pedal before rolling into wide-open throttle at roughly the 60-foot mark on the drag strip; a drag strip’s timing system measure distance in intervals of 60 feet, 330 feet, an eighth-mile, 1,000 feet and a quarter-mile. Lower 60-foot times are a good indication of how well the car is leaving the starting line. The 1.77 seconds of the 11.03 run was bested by a 1.72-second 60-foot later in the day, but that run was botched when the tires let loose on the 2nd-gear shift, ending what could have been a glorious 10-second pass.”

Again, this is an 11.03-second sedan that you can buy straight off the showroom floor for $63,290. Frankly, if you’ve got more than that into your current project (unless it’s a OE restoration of a rare Mopar) and can’t outrun these times, it’s time to pack it in and go shopping for a new Hellcat.

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Kevin Shaw

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