The Dodge Power Broker Program is Open for Business

On March 9, 2022, Dodge issued the first list of Power Broker dealerships around the United States, marking the formal start of business for that new performance-focused program. This also marks the official return of the Direct Connection factory-backed performance program, with go-fast parts for the modern Dodge products offered exclusively at these Power Broker dealerships.

This is the first program of this nature offered by any American automaker and, most importantly, since these parts are developed by the company, there is no question of fitment or safe use. When installed by the Power Broker dealerships, the Direct Connection stage kits don’t impact the factory warranty.

When the program officially launched on March 9th, Dodge issued a list of 97 Power Broker dealerships across 41 states with the plan to expand in the future. This list, which you can view by clicking here, has the Power Broker dealers organized by state. Within each state, you can click on the dealership name to visit a Power Broker-specific page on the dealer website.

Each dealership on the list has the phone number, city and state, so you can find the location closest to you and click on the business name to read about the Power Broker staff at that particular dealership. If you don’t recognize any dealership names in your state, there is also a dealer locator application that allows you to enter your zip code and it will show you the nearest Power Broker dealership. Click here or here to find the nearest dealer.

When you visit the Power Broker page on the dealership website, it has a similar layout to the Power Broker information page on the official Dodge website. This includes information on the Direct Connection performance parts program and the unique personnel aspect of the program.

At each Power Broker dealership, there are employees who have been specially trained in sales, service and parts to inform prospective buyers about Dodge vehicle features, Direct Connection performance parts and installation.

The dealership’s Power Broker page also has information on other unique aspects of the program, such as an elevated customer experience, performance clinics and a tech hot-line. If you already have your Dodge Challenger or Charger, you can take it to one of the Power Broker dealerships to have the warranty-safe Direct Connection kits installed, or if you are ordering a car, you can have the performance parts installed prior to taking delivery.

In short, someone buying a new Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Redeye can equip it with the Direct Connection Stage 2 kit and drive out with 885 horsepower on 100-octane race gas or 837 horsepower and 93-octane pump gas – and it will still carry the factory warranty.

As we reported back in January, the Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Redeye and SRT Super Stock are the first models to be serviced under the Direct Connection program. Those kits officially went on sale on March 9th, yielding up to 885 horsepower. See the story here.

The non-Redeye Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat is scheduled to be the next models included in the program in April, leading to up to 757 horsepower with the Stage 1 kit. The Charger Redeye will follow in May and the Charger non-Redeye Hellcat in June, both of which will come with similar stage kits and power gains to the Challenger. Challenger and Charger Scat Pack models and the 2018 Demon will also be included in the program, but no dates have been announced for those trim levels yet.

The automotive industry might be trudging its way towards a boring electric future, but while internal combustion engines are still here, Dodge is doing everything in the brand’s power to pack the street with vehicles with 750-885 horsepower.

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Patrick Rall

Industry News Editor Patrick entered the Mopar world when he bought his 1983 Mirada back in 1994, installing a mild 340 a year later that would eventually be built up into the range of 500 horsepower. Today, Patrick daily drives a Hellcat Challenger, but he still has his 340-powered Mirada, as well as a 1972 Demon 340 and a Hemi Ram.

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