The Sniper EFI Coil is Anything but Old-fashioned

With the small Sniper EFI sticker on the coil, the sticker could be easily covered with a factory coil bracket. Once the sticker was covered, any onlooker would see the black coil and suspect it is a factory oil-filled coil.

All new from Sniper EFI is a factory replacement canister coil (part no. 556-153). The metal canister is filled with a premium-grade epoxy, which protects the internal coil wiring while operating in a high-vibration setting. Because the coil is not oil-filled, an additional advantage of the epoxy filled coil is the ability to mount it in any position without concerns of coil failure.

The low primary resistance of the coil coupled with the 100:1 turn ratio (secondary vs. primary windings) allows the coil to produce a high-voltage secondary spark to meet the needs of any performance engine. The coil is suitable for all electronic ignitions, including MSD Ignitions. The Sniper EFI coil will function well with Mopar four- or five-wire module electronic ignitions that require a ballast resistor (including points ignitions).

The Sniper EFI coil is compatible with electronic ignitions (including Holley/MSD Ignitions). A Mopar four- or five-wire module electronic ignition or points ignition requires a factory single or dual ballast resistor to prevent the coil from overheating.

The Sniper EFI canister coil fits perfectly into any Mopar under hood coil bracket, which will allow the engine bay to remain factory-stock appearing. With the proper placement of the coil in the bracket (Sniper sticker discretely hidden), nobody will suspect the black colored coil is anything other than an original-type replacement oil-filled coil. The Sniper EFI canister coil is compatible with the Sniper EFI Coil Driver Module (part no. 556-150). It can be used in place of a large capacitive discharge ignition box to maintain a clutter-free engine bay.

For more information about the Sniper EFI metal canister coil, the Coil Driver Module, or any Sniper EFI components from its product line, check out the website.

Above left: The coil’s top has the same appearance as the factory coil. There is a low resistance primary circuit in the coil between the (+) and (-) terminals. There is a higher resistance secondary circuit (100:1 ratio) between the (+) terminal and the high-voltage secondary terminal. Above right: The Sniper EFI Coil Driver Module is well-matched with the canister coil. To maintain a clutter-free engine bay, the Coil Driver Module can be used in place of a large capacitive discharge ignition box.

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Chris Holley

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