USCT G3 Hemi Engine Dolly: Something That Won’t Break Your Back or Wallet

Sometimes it doesn’t take reinventing the wheel to end up with a new product that can make your life WAY easier. In today’s world of technology and modern inventions companies often forget to KISS (Keep it simple, stupid). What we end up with is expensive and overly complicated products that can sometimes be pretty cool, and other times, miss the mark. Enter: US Car Tool’s Gen 3 Engine Dolly! A few hunks of metal and hardware that are so simple, yet so effective, you will kick yourself for not having it.

Let’s face it, the Gen 3 swap game is not always cut and dry. It does get better each year as more and more companies hop on board providing products to make slapping a Gen 3 Hemi into that old Mopar easier. In many cases, it will still require you to go through a process with trying to work through fitment, placement, mock-ups, altering firewalls, transmission tunnels, inner fenders, and more. How much of a pain is it to use a hoist to try to position that drivetrain? Maybe you rigged up some platform on casters to give it a little mobility. Maybe you just have it sitting in an old tire?

The USCT dolly makes the process so much easier. You now have your engine set up where it’s easily moveable around the shop. When it’s time to stick it in the car to start your fab work it takes a mere few seconds to push it over to the car. You can move it around ones its in the engine bay with ease. No more homemade contraptions to move your engine out from under your car. No more hoists or cherry pickers and two guys trying to pull it in and out. No more back aches or headaches just trying to figure out how to stick that pushrod bad boy into your car.

The kit is super simple and super quick to install. Simply install the supplied casters onto the legs, and bolt the legs to the block with the supplied bolts. In minutes you made that giant metal paperweight easier to move around than your tool cart. Once you finish this project (if you ever do), you can move it over to the next one! Another quality made product from USCT that proves to be extremely helpful and simple. Buuut if you love headaches, bending over, messing around with hoists and chains – this isn’t for you.

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Todd Fullford

Starting in high school, Todd really found his passion for automobiles while hot rodding a twin-turbo Stealth. When the LX platform came out in 2005, he was hooked! Since then, Todd's built hundreds of Gen3 Hemi cars from bolt-ons to fully-built motors and just about everything in between. After purchasing a 1970 Dart Swinger in 2022, he's been fully sucked into the world of classic Mopars. Racing, wrenching, going against the grain - he's what you might call a “purist's nightmare."

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