Video: First E85 Converted Hellcat Produces Over 800HP


One would think that 707 horsepower would be enough for most but some strive to reach that next step in achieving maximum power. When the Hellcat models came out, we knew it wouldn’t be long before tuning companies started unbricking the factory PCM’s; allowed them to unleash the full potential of the Hellcat drivetrain.

Well now, one tuning company that goes by Serious HP from Houston, Texas, is claiming that they have broken the 800 horsepower mark on a Hellcat Challenger with just a simple E85 conversion! In case you don’t know what E85 is; it is a renewable, environmentally friendly fuel that has the potential for some serious horsepower gains. E85 holds an octane rating of 105 and in some cases can perform better than 110 octane race gas! E85 is great at cooling the engine, which allows tuners to throw more compression and spark at the engine which gives a lot of gain with forced induction systems!


With this TorRed Hellcat Challenger, Serious HP was able to achieve dyno numbers of 706 rear wheel horsepower which equals to around 830 horsepower at the crank. That’s a power gain of 81 horsepower and 70 ft-lbs of torque over a 93 octane tuned car!

Serious HP has also pointed out that they are limited by the shift points with the settings on the factory TCM (Transmission Control Module). Once they are able to modify the settings on the TCM, then they will really be able to see the full potential of the E85 tuned Hellcat!

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Cody Krueger

Car Feature Editor – Since the age of 4, Cody has been obsessed with everything Mopar. On Christmas of 1998, Cody's parents gave him a rusty '69 Charger shell that his father saved from a field. Cody's garage still features that '69 Charger as well as the additions of a '71 Charger R/T, '71 Super Bee, '73 Duster, '08 Challenger SRT8 and a '13 Ram 3500. Cody can truly and proudly say that he is a true Mopar nut in love with all types of Mopars!

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