Video: Introducing Edelbrock’s New VRS-4150 Carburetor

Late last year, Edelbrock introduced an all-new VRS-4150 Race and Performance carburetor line at the SEMA show. Enthusiasts will be pleased with the excellent built-in adjustability of the VRS-4150. In addition, it will flawlessly perform because of the ability to modify the carburetor, whether on a high-revving race engine, a performance street engine, or a warmed-over stocker.

The carburetors are available in 650-, 750-, 850-, and 950-CFM models to meet the airflow requirements of any engine. In addition, Edelbrock designed the one-piece, extra height cast aluminum carburetor bodies to fit all 4150 and 4500 intake manifold flanges without needing an adapter plate.

Above: Edelbrock’s all-new VRS-4150 Race and Performance Carburetor line advances carburation into the 21st century. 

The carbs have increased capacity fuel bowls with slosh control baffles and fuel bowl drain screws. Proper idle mixture is accomplished with four-corner idle circuits adjusted with bleeds and mixture screws. Two external idle air screws provide idle speed fine-tuning without moving the throttle plates. To protect the power valve against damaging backfires, Edelbrock included built-in power valve protection.

Manifold & Carburetor Product Line Manager Brent McCarthy shared, “The boosters are interchangeable. The booster stake pin needs to be removed and replaced with the new boosters. We (Edelbrock) have replacement 0.140-, 0.150- and 0.160-inch inside diameter (i.d.) booster pins available (part nos. 13104, 13105, and 13106).”

“By design, the bottom of our standard booster is even with the bottom edge venturi of the carb. Traditionally, this is called a “downleg booster,” but by design, the fuel in our boosters follows a straight path. This standard booster is relatively small with a 0.385-inch i.d. and 0.670-inch outside diameter (o.d.) and is used in our 650-CFM carb, which has the 1.25” diameter venturi. Our 750 and 850 come standard with annular discharge boosters. They are a large ‘banjo’ style with a pressed internal annular ring.”

Above Left: The VRS-4150 carbs are available in 650-, 750-, 850-, and 950-CFM ratings. Above Right: The carburetors have larger fuel bowls, an extended height, easy idle speed adjustments, and many more innovative items.

The VRS-4150s have billet four-fuel circuit metering blocks, an intermediate circuit on both the primary and secondary bores, and a split high-speed main circuit, allowing greater high RPM bleed control. Additionally, for those that require throttle angle computer feedback, the carburetor body has a provision for a standard GM 3-wire throttle position sensor (TPS), which Edelbrock sells separately (part no. 36018).

Above: This is the first of two labeled views Edelbrock provides of their VRS-4150 carburetors. 

All the bleeds, jets, and diaphragms are interchangeable with commonly used parts. The air bleeds are 10-32 threads. The metering block emulsion bleeds are 6-32 threads, and the fuel jet threads are ¼-32. McCarthy noted, “We already carry most of the spares needed in our HDQ line and will be adding some VRS specific kits. However, the metering block gaskets (part no. 13101) are specific for the four-circuit architecture.”

Because the fuel bowls have increased capacity, the fuel bowl inlets are spaced further apart from each other compared to a carburetor with standard fuel bowls. Any dual inlet line with a 10 3/8-inch inlet separation, such as the Pro Classic fuel line from the Russell line (part no. 641192), will fit properly. Lastly, McCarthy shared, “There may be times where the ½-inch of extra carb height is an issue, but as a fit vs. performance decision, we went with performance on this one. Our drop base (part no. 1221) air cleaner can help in tight situations.”

Above: This is the second of two labeled views Edelbrock provides of their VRS-4150 carburetors. 

If it is time to install a new carburetor, choosing an Edelbrock VRS-4150 is the correct move. The VRS-4150 will be a pleasure to tune with Edelbrock’s latest carburetor innovations. For more information about the VRS series of carburetors, contact the representatives at Edelbrock.


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