Video: Jeremy Stoermer’s AAR ‘Cuda Tribute Car (Gallery)


Multiple carburetors with progressive throttle linkage wasn’t anything exclusive to Chrysler muscle cars. Although first generation Hemis all benefited from double carburetors, early GTOs, famous Tri-Power Corvettes and even FE Fords enjoyed the perks of added cfm. But it was Chrysler’s A-12 cars that took triple-carburetion to the next level. The Six-Pack and Six-Barrel cars made waves among muscle car enthusiasts and Ma Mopar knew they had a hit on their hands.

The following year, in a concerted effort to put the auto manufacturer’s new E-Body pony cars front and center of the Trans Am and SCCA racing series, the Challenger T/A and AAR ‘Cuda were born. Equipped with 340 LA small blocks topped with similar “Six-Pack” setups, the track-ready Mopars experienced notable success both on and off the race course. Today, these machines fetch a very high asking price, making these original machines far out of reach of the “common man.”


That’s why Holley’s own Jeremy Stoermer took his once-original Barracuda Grand Coupe and proceeded to build an “AAR tribute.” Much of the ’70 Barracuda impressively wears original AAR parts – all saved from a totaled ’70 AAR ‘Cuda – such as the rear spoiler, fiberglass hood and the powertrain. Running a trio of 2300-series two-barrel Holleys (creating an impressive 1350cfm), the small block is backed by a 727 Torqueflite automatic.

The once-Grand Coupe was also painted in the correct Lemon Twist Yellow and adorned with the appropriate “AAR” strobe stripe. Currently, the E-Body runs a 13.40 in the quarter mile with a max speed of 105mph. Check out the video below showcasing Jeremy and his tribute to one of the most iconic Mopars ever built HERE:

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