Video: Kenny Wayne Shepherd Introduces YearOne’s Double-Beep Horn

There’s few muscle cars tied to an iconic image than the Plymouth Road Runner and its affiliation with Warner Brothers’ “Loony Tunes” character of the same name.

The licensing agreement was a marketing windfall for the auto manufacturer in 1968, and the desert bird that could never be caught was the perfect fit for Plymouth’s youth-targeted muscle car. From iconic decals of the cartoon character to the iconic “Beep! Beep” purple horn, the Plymouth Road Runner was a hit.

But something has nagged Plymouth owners and fans for years: the horn, albeit repitched to sound similar to the character’s own sound, required two blips of the horn button to give off the “Beep! Beep!” of the cartoon bird.

Even famous blues guitarist and self-proclaimed “Mopar man” Kenny Wayne Shepherd vocalized concern, and YearOne Muscle Cars has come to the rescue with its new electric horn module kit that will make the double-tap horn action for you!

Priced at $89.93, the electric module kit is entirely plug-and-play allows your horn to “Beep! Beep!” with just one tap of the horn button. It comes complete with the module, harness, and instructions.

@yearonemusclecars New BEEP BEEP horn solution. Press horn button once for two times the beep. Only at YEARONE. …

Posted by Kevin King on Tuesday, August 7, 2018

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