Video: Over-powered Dart Spits Out Dana 60 on City Street


How do you know your Mopar is making too much power for your car? When your drivetrain gets strewn about city streets like rice at a wedding, that’s how. This Dart owner in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada gets on it coming off a light and ka-boom, his shortened Dana 60 makes for the exits along with goodness knows what else.

This is an incredible video that shows the awesome power of a Mopar mill. But it raises questions about the engineering that goes into a well-balanced street car. We don’t currently know if this was a new build out for some shakedown time or an older hot rod that had some fatigued parts. We’re betting on the latter. Proving that it’s important to thoroughly check out your muscle Mopar every spring for loose bolts, leaks and tired parts. Something making big power like this Dart GTS is hard on the bits and pieces that hold it together and it obviously reached a breaking point.

The couple filming are probably laughing maniacally because they can’t believe what they’ve just seen, not because they got a kick out of somebody else’s misfortune. The site of a car bouncing itself apart on a city street is unreal and the double and triple takes from onlookers must have been numerous. Seeing something like this at a dragstrip or sponsored NHRA event is not uncommon, but in the next lane of a local cruise? Wow.

We just hope everybody is OK and the damage isn’t a death sentence for this very cool GTS. It looked like a really nice piece before it became a Dart-apart!

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Des Ryan

Des Ryan has been involved in all levels of Mopar musclecar ownership, from barn finds to drivers to a high-level restored Hemicar. He's also spent over 20 years in the advertising industry as a copywriter and creative director. With pen in one hand and pistol-grip shifter in the other, Des is bringing his two passions together to keep you Direct-Connected.

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