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Proform is expecting 2022 to be a great year. Late last year, at PRI, Proform announced its all-new Next Gen Race Series 4150 carburetor, which complements its aluminum Street Series carburetor line. Proform is making its popular Race Series carburetors even better while keeping them an effective alternative to more costly comparable carburetors.

Above: Proform’s Next Gen Race Series carburetors range from 650 to 1050 CFM. The main body has been redesigned to flow more efficiently. Vibratory Tumble Polish is one of the two colors in which the Race Series carburetors can be purchased. 

The Next Gen Race Series carburetors have a newly redesigned main body. The carbs come with two-step, down-leg boosters placed inside contoured venturis. Proform redesigned the down-leg boosters and venturis to improve airflow and increase fuel atomization. To smooth out the air entering the carburetor, Proform removed the choke air horn. The main body comes with removable idle and high-speed air bleeds. Torx head screws retain the accelerator pump discharge nozzles (squirters) to the main body.

Above: The Race Series carburetors have four-corner idle control, screw-in air bleeds, and the fuel bowls have oversized sight glasses installed to make float level adjustments easy. The second color option for the Race Series is Black Diamond Finish.

The throttle plate has multiple adjustments for fine-tuning, and the plate’s billet aluminum construction virtually guarantees a warp-free application. The carburetor is fitted with slabbed shafts, which aids in airflow through the boosters and venturis. In addition, the throttle plate has ports for spark advance, manifold vacuum, and the PCV system.

The fully adjustable billet aluminum metering blocks are baffled to match the fuel control fittings in the aluminum fuel bowls. The pairing of the two reduces fuel slosh in the carburetor during hard acceleration, severe braking, or aggressive cornering. Additionally, the metering blocks come with power valve blowout protection. Lastly, the fuel bowls have oversized sight glass windows for easy fuel level monitoring when adjusting the floats.

Above Left: The Proform Race Series carburetors have a billet aluminum throttle plate. There are several ports in the throttle plate for manifold vacuum, ported vacuum, and PCV. Above Right: On Mopars, the carburetor throttle lever requires a lever extension (sold separately) to attach to the factory throttle cable and the kick-down linkage. 

All the Proform Race Series carburetors are square-bore designs and have mechanical secondaries. The carburetors are designed with a flow range of 650 to 1050 cubic feet per minute (CFM). Every part on the carburetors is new; there are no refurbished or remanufactured parts, and the carburetors are made in the United States. Enthusiasts can order the Race Series carburetors in a Black Diamond Finish or a Vibratory Tumble Polish.

Above: The fuel bowls are attached through the metering blocks to the main body with four bolts. Fuel can be fed into the fuel bowls from either side of the carburetor. The float height can be adjusted by the screw and nut on the top of each bowl. 

Each carburetor has an online spec table, which provides all the pertinent information about the carburetor. Every carburetor will require a few adjustments to deliver the peak performance of an engine. The Race Series carburetors have changeable main jets, air bleeds, and discharge nozzles. Additional tuning can be accomplished with the four-corner idle circuit screws and the throttle idle screw.

Above: All the Race Series carburetors have a square-bore design. The air bleed jets, main jets, accelerator discharge nozzles, idle control, and float height are fully adjustable.  

The new Race Series carburetors can improve engine performance at the track, but if racing is not a focus, the carburetors can work well on the street. However, a Proform Street Series carburetor with vacuum secondaries may be a better option on the road. Either way, the carburetors will meet the performance needs of any enthusiast. For more information, check out Proform’s selection of carburetors, Mopar Original License Products, tools, and a whole lot more.


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