Video: TCI Introduces Three New 8HP70 Transmission Torque Converters

SEMA is a great place for manufacturers to introduce new products. This year TCI Automotive shared some exciting torque converter news with the Mopar Gen III crowd, which will surely be a big hit in 2024. The Mopar 8HP70 transmission, found in many Challengers and Chargers, is a bulletproof piece, but installing an aftermarket performance camshaft and matching components can result in a factory torque converter with an inadequate stall speed.

A torque converter stall speed must be high enough to allow the engine into its optimum torque range to launch the car most efficiently. If the converter stall speed is too low, the car will be lazy when accelerating from a standing start, and conversely, if it is too high, excessive high-gear wide-open-throttle and cruising slippage results. At the track, both scenarios slow the elapsed times.

At SEMA, TCI introduced the first of three performance converters. The first converter of the series is a low-stall speed (2,700 to 3,000 RPM) design, which matches well with the COMP Cams HRT Stage II camshaft for 5.7-, 6.1- and 6.4-liter GEN III Hemi engines.

TCI’s second and third converters are in development for increased Stage Two, mid-stall (3,000 to 3,200 RPM) and Stage Three, high-stall (3,700 to 3,900 RPM) applications.

However, if a converter is needed immediately, or the three off-the-shelf converters do not meet a specific need, a solution is available. TCI custom-built converters are immediately available for any application. Regardless of the converter selected, each in the series includes a new SFI-approved flexplate designed to work with each converter.

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Chris Holley

Technical Contributor Chris has been a college professor for 25 years; at Pennsylvania College of Technology in Williamsport, PA. for the last 20 years. Chris instructs automotive classes in HVAC, electrical/electronics, and high-performance, including using a chassis dyno, flow benches, and various machining equipment. Recently, he added a vintage vehicle upholstery class to his teaching assignments. Chris owns a '67 Dart, a '75 Dart, a '06 Charger, and a '12 Cummins turbo diesel Ram, and he is a multi-time track champion (drag racing) with his '69 340 Dart, which he has owned for 34 years.

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