Video: Upgrade a Sniper EFI-Equipped Mopar with a Sniper HyperSpark Ignition

Converting from a carburetor to an EFI system is an excellent addition to any engine. However, adding complete electronic control of the ignition would push the vehicle’s driveability to the 21st century. For those with a Sniper EFI system already installed on their Mopar engine, Sniper has released the HyperSpark Ignition upgrade to allow complete control of the fueling and ignition timing systems.

Above Left: Sniper EFI has recently added the HyperSpark ignition system for the small- and big-block Mopars. Above Right: The HyperSpark kit upgrades an existing Sniper EFI system. It comes with a distributor, accessories, and wiring.

There is a HyperSpark for Mopar small blocks (part no. 565-304), big-block B-engines (part no. 565-305), and big-block RB- and Hemi-engines (part no. 565-306). The HyperSpark Ignition includes a billet distributor with a hall-effect crank signal sensor and a plug-and-play wiring harness that connects to the Sniper EFI unit. A Hyperspark capacitive discharge (CD) ignition box (part no. 556-152) and ignition coil (part no. 556-151) are sold separately.

Above: The CD ignition box (left) and the ignition coil (right) are sold separately with the Hyperspark add-on system and come with the Hyperspark master kit. 

A customer can order a corrosion-resistant billet distributor in a polished or black finish. The hall-effect crank trigger sensor housing delivers a noise-free RPM signal to the Sniper ECU (computer). The distributor shutter wheel is pinned and welded to the shaft, ensuring decades of precision and accuracy.

The distributor shaft comes with a cast gear installed, but it can be removed if a different bronze-style gear is needed (based upon the camshaft design). The HyperSpark requires only five wires to connect it to the Sniper EFI ECU. The kit has a wire harness retainer for a neat installation. Lastly, the kit has a patented clear installation cap that eliminates any confusion about phasing the distributor housing to the rotor.

Above: The distributor rotor must be indexed to the distributor housing (left). Sniper introduced a tool (right) included with the HyperSpark systems to phase the rotor correctly. 

If the plan is to install a Sniper EFI system and the HyperSpark Ignition simultaneously, Sniper offers the HyperSpark Ignition master kit. It comprises a HyperSpark coil, distributor, ignition box, and a wire harness that replaces the Sniper EFI harness. The plug-and-play design requires only four wires to be connected to have the fuel and ignition systems up and running. The HyperSpark master kits are available for small blocks (part no. 565-304K), big-block B-engines (part no. 565-305K), and big-block RB- and Hemi-engines (part no. 565-306K).

Above: The installer must connect the following wires to add the HyperSpark to the existing Sniper EFI system. (1) White Wire – Connect the loose points output wire from your HyperSpark ignition box to the white wire on the Sniper 10-pin connector. (2) Pink Wire – Connect the HyperSpark distributor’s pink switched 12-volt wire and 7-pin Sniper connector’s pink wire to switched 12-volts. (3) Red Wire – Small gauge red wire located on the two-pin HyperSpark ignition box harness can be tied to a clean switched 12-volt source with the wires in point two. (4) Thick Black Wire – Connect from the HyperSpark ignition box directly to the negative battery post. (5) Thick Red Wire – Connect from the HyperSpark ignition box directly to the positive battery post.

The HyperSpark Ignition comes with an emission code rating of 3, which means it is legal for use on non-emissions-controlled vehicles. Non-emissions vehicles are 1965 or older in California and 1967 or older for federal or foreign vehicle manufacturers.

Above Left: The HyperSpark Ignition master kit comes with the distributor, coil, CD ignition box, and wiring harness. Above Right: The master kit wiring harness replaces the Sniper EFI harness, which reduces the wires needed to be connected to four. 

For additional information about the Sniper HyperSpark Ignition, Sniper EFI systems, or any of the components from the Holley brands, contact their experts at 1-866-464-6553 or tech support.




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