Add Some Billet Goodness From CVF Racing To Transform Your Pulley System

For years, dressing up an engine meant a nice air cleaner, some cool valve covers, maybe a couple of rattle cans of paint, and color-matched spark plug wires. While that made things look a lot cooler under the hood, there was one area that never really stood out: the front drive system. Even with some engine enamel, let’s face it – the stock pulleys were rather bland.

Chrome pulleys looked okay, for a while, but then when billet front drive systems hit the aftermarket we had some cool bling to add to the front of the engine. As you might guess, Ma Mopar was left out in the cold for the first few kits on the market. But things started coming around, and one of the latest to bring some billet goodness in the form of complete front drive systems for Mopar mills is CVF Racing.

With pulley systems for just about any budget, CVF Racing has your answer to dressing up the engine. An enthusiast can simply replace a couple of stamped steel pulleys with billet counterparts; step it up a notch with full V-belt and ribbed-belt pulley systems, complete with upgraded brackets and hardware; or choose a complete, all inclusive billet front drive system with an 8-rib serpentine belt.

And before you think these kits are way out of your budget, think again. Even the “all-inclusive” kit, including A/C compressor and 140-amp alternator comes in at just under $1,600 with the current discounts. If that system is still a bit out of your budget, however, you can step down to the V-belt systems for under $600, or simply replace the front pulleys with billet pulleys for under $200.

Billet Pulley Kits

The billet pulley kits includes a billet crankshaft pulley, a billet water pump pulley, and a billet alternator pulley. Add a billet power steering pump pulley to bolt onto your stock power steering pump. Crank pulley configurations include 1- to 4-groove pulleys to fit just about any engine combination, from early small block LA engines to later LA and Magnum engines, and big-block and Hemi mills. If you’re keeping the OE placement on your components and want to step it up a notch, a V-belt Pulley System will provide the same pulleys but adds billet brackets and supports to the kit.

Each pulley is CNC machined from 6061-T6 aluminum right here in the USA at CVF Racing. The machines are run at high speeds to provide a flawless surface finish to the pulleys and brackets. Each V-belt pulley kit has a polished finish, and can be purchased to fit most any Mopar front drive layout.

Serpentine Front Drive Systems

The top dog at CVF Racing is its Wraptor All-Inclusive Serpentine System front drive kits, completely replacing the existing pulleys and layout with a billet front drive plate that allows for tensioner and idler pulleys and a single belt system. Unlike V-belts, which usually require hernia-inducing strength to remove all that belt-squealing slack, serpentine systems snake a single belt through all of the pulleys, eliminating some of the problems associated with standard V-belts.

Serpentine systems are better on your components because they don’t require the same tension as a V-belt system, and therefore the belts don’t put so much tension on bearings and components can last longer. Alignment is straightforward with a serpentine system, and unlike some competitors, CVF Racing only makes serpentine systems with wider, 8-rib belts to help keep the belt from slipping on high horsepower applications. Because of the included tensioner, no adjustments are necessary as it will keep the proper amount of tension on the belt – even in high revving situations.

If you’re not ready to step up to a full serpentine system, but you like the look of the wide, 8-rib belt system, take a look at the Beast – a Serpentine Conversion kit that maintains the OE look of your front drive but adds the 8-rib belt and pulleys. This kit comes complete with pulleys, mounting brackets, and adjusters to put your front drive into Beast mode.

Adding to the cool factor with the serpentine belt kits, stealth black is an option that CVF Racing calls its Stealth Pulley system. This kit will black out all pulleys, brackets, and adjusters with a black anodized finish. For the All-Inclusive Serpentine Systems, the Stealth finish also includes the 140-amp alternator, high flow water pump, and power steering pump and compressor where applicable.

So finally Moparians can rejoice, because we now have some serious billet bling to help dress up the front drive system for all budgets, from a basic pulley kit to a full serpentine front drive system, and CVF Racing is where you can find some of the nicest kits on the market. Visit the CVF Racing website, and keep an eye out for updates and additional information on Mopar front drive systems.

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Michael Harding

Michael was first fascinated with a wind-up toy car at five years old, and just had to take it apart to see how it worked. Not much has changed, except he is now taking apart real cars and building them for street and road racing. His love for Mopar goes back to his first musclecar: a 1970 Dodge Coronet. His current Mopar is a 1965 Belvedere II that he road races.

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