Borgeson Introduces New Power Steering Cooler Kits

Heat is one of the foremost detriments to any automotive system, be it the engine, transmission, differential, or steering system. The cooler you can keep these components, the more likely they are to stay maintenance-free. Some of the fluids within can even start to break down at higher temperatures, causing them to lose their lubricity and effectiveness. Power steering fluid is often taken for granted, but can be just as important as antifreeze, engine oil, or transmission fluid. After all, a ship isn’t much good without a rudder.

New fluid cooler kits from Borgeson can help keep your power steering system at the right temperature for peak performance. The standard kit (#925125) includes a 2-pass heat exchanger, mounting kit, 6′ of high-temperature power steering hose, a 3/8” hose barb, and four hose clamps.

The heavy duty kit (#925126) includes a larger 4-pass heat exchanger with a similar mounting kit, 6′ of high-temperature power steering hose, a 3/8” hose barb, and four hose clamps. No doubt, if your Mopar regularly sees the twists and turns of Autocross, the heavy duty package is the one for you. Either way, installation is simple as the cooler gets piped right inline with the return side of your steering pump. It can be mounted anywhere that gets plenty of airflow and won’t see a lot of road debris.

Borgeson’s 2019 catalog is available now via PDF download. Aside from a full product listing, it also includes information regarding steering system design, power steering tips, general troubleshooting, and an identification guide.

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