Classic Industries Releases Full Line of Reproduction 1970 Dodge Charger Grille Parts

Are you tired of trying fix that old brittle plastic grille for your ’70 Dodge Charger and have had no luck trying to find a good condition used one? Years of wear and tear such as rocks flinging up and sun damage can leave your grille brittle and seeing better days. Finding and fixing a used grille can be a royal pain most of the time. Gone are the days of JB Weld and cobbled together grilles with the release of a brand new ’70 Charger grilles and associated parts from Classic Industries!

Working together with OER (Original Equipment Reproduction) Restoration Parts, Classic Industries is now offering everything you need to have the front of your Charger looking brand new again, from complete grilles to grille sections and everything in between. If you have a very nice original grille with one banged up part, you can now buy just the one piece you need! Every grille is painted to factory specifications and ready to install right out of the box.

  • MB9912 – 1970 Charger Grille Assembly with Headlamp Doors: $1,999.99 kit
  • 2998440 – 1970 Dodge Charger Grille Assembly without Headlamp Doors: $1,299.99 ea
  • 2998550 – 1970 Charger Headlamp Door – RH- $249.99 ea
  • 2998551 – 1970 Charger Headlamp Door – LH- $249.99 ea
  • 2998651 – 1970 Charger Center Grille Bracket- $69.99 ea
  • MN3087 – 1970 Charger Grille Hardware Set (36 Pieces)- $48.99 set

grille grille1 grille2 grille3 grille4 grille6

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Cody Krueger

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