Comeback ‘Cuda Update: Where Has Comeback ‘Cuda Gone?

So, one of readers asked us, “What happened to the Comeback ‘Cuda build articles?” That’s a fair question. The last article posted took everyone through the fuel, vent lines, and gas tank installation. The next article would cover the installation of our Hemi engine, transmission and front suspension from the bottom just like the factory did it. But real life just up and reared it’s ugly head.

For those who have followed the build know that we did it all – except for the paint – in a two car home garage. We have been longing for more room (like a detached garage with a shop plus an attached two car garage. So, after 24 years in our current house the opportunity finally arrived, but so did COVID-19.

Above: Finally finished with the Comeback ‘Cuda build and the ’69 Road Runner convertible back home in the garage, we thought life was good and things were finally settling down – little did we know! The R4 Performance Red of the ‘Runner with a white top sitting beside the C7 In-Violet ‘Cuda with a white top is really something to see.

Above left: This house was blessed, or cursed, with plenty of storage space. With 24 years of building Mopars, parts were never thrown away. This picture was after selling $3,500 worth of the good stuff at the Indy swap meet, followed by 3 truck loads of other parts either sold or given to needy Mopar buds. Still plenty of work to do. Above center: There was definitely not a shortage of general stuff. Thank goodness for 1-800-GOT-JUNK. Above right: Junk, junk, and more junk. Then add in same good car parts and the task can become overwhelming.

So, to make a long story short, the moving from the current house, loaded with 24-plus years of Mopar stuff (not to mention the wife’s stash_ has proven to be a daunting task. Add in all the social distancing, selling a house, and buying a house, and well, the Comeback ‘Cuda saga had to take a temporary back seat.

Great news though! All has been either sold, discarded, or packed and we will move within the next two weeks. We have all of the pictures documenting the rest of the build and they will be coming soon. Promise!

A great big thanks to Kevin Shaw for his help so far (and his future help) as we get the cars safely to their new home. This will for sure help with all the future projects we have planned to bring you with step by step “How-To” articles to help you with your builds.

Above: Oh yeah did we mention the wife’s stuff? She had her own private attic storage area and it too was filled to capacity. C’mon, everyone needs 20 decorative pillows for every season of the year, not to mention Christmas décor!

Above left: A garage filled with trophies, more car parts, pictures, tools, work benches, wall art, two cars? Sure, that won’t take any time at all to sort through, pack, and move. Above right: We never thought we’d be so happy to see bare walls and sealed up U-Haul boxes. Progress! We can see a light at the end of the tunnel.

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Mike Wilkins

Michael Wilkins is a lifelong Mopar owner, restorer, and car enthusiast, as well as a respected judge of OE Plymouth and Dodge B-Bodies. Wilkins has spent nearly half a century driving, racing, and restoring some of the finest Mopars in the US, earning several Antique Automobile of America Grand National Senior awards, Mopar National Best of Show and first place awards, and a co-author of "The Chrysler B-Body Restoration Guide."

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