Customers Praise AMD Installation Center & Classic Muscle Metal

Located in Cleveland, Georgia, AMD Installation Center and Classic Muscle Metal has been providing sheet metal for classic cars. They sell sheet metal for almost every American car, including A, B, and E-body Mopars. Overall, AMD has a 4.9 out of 5-star review.

One person stated, “AMD is the only way to go if you want your ride right.” Another stated, “I ordered an entire back end for my ’68 Firebird. When everything arrived, it was like Christmas!” AMD’s Facebook page shows the various restoration projects that are in the works for customers, including a B-Body Charger, and an early 1970s Barracuda. Their website also a contact and quote request for those interested in ordering parts from them. AMD also offers a low price guarantee, promising to beat the prices of rival sheet metal companies.

A promising slogan reads, “Send us a quote to beat, and you won’t be sorry.” If you are looking for the right part to restore your vehicle to factory correct specifications, or build a mild resto-mod, Classic Muscle Metal is the place to go if you want what’s right for your ride.

Be sure to give their web page a visit at, or call 844-275-9254 today. If you live nearby AMD, you won’t be disappointed by how well the parts are installed to your ride. You surely won’t be disappointed with how spot-on the sheet metal is, compared to that of original sheet metal. Order your sheet metal today!

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Maxx Kominsky

Maxx Kominsky

Feature Contributor Maxx is a Southern Californian hot rodder and classic car aficionado. With a passion for vintage surf rock, American iron and everything tied to these two genres, Maxx brings his love and passion to Mopar Connection with aplomb.

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