eBay Find of The Day: Incredible 1-of-1 ’70 Chrysler 300H Hurst Convertible


Every now and again a piece of true American automotive history springs up and surprises everyone. And today is one of those days. What you’re looking at is the one-of-one 1970 Chrysler 300H Hurst convertible, affectionately known as the “Parade Float,” that appeared at race tracks and other promotional events across the country. Of course, the convertible was most noted for being the platform for the iconic Miss Hurst, Linda Vaughn, to stand on.

After Chrysler retired the 300H, it was purchased and relocated to Jacksonville, Florida. In 1976, it was then again sold and purchased by avid Chrysler collector Steve McCloud in Tennessee, the same who owned 1955 Chrysler C300 (VIN 3N551001), the first Chrysler 300 produced, and several other rare Chryslers.


McCloud displayed the car, and even made a few appearances with Miss Vaughn, including a reunion at Bristol Motor Speedway in 1993. Thereafter, the 300H put into storage, still owned by McCloud’s family. According the official Chrysler Registry “Production Option Code Books,” two 1970 Chrysler 300 Hurst convertibles with VIN number beginning with CM27U0C were scheduled for production.

As the eBay listing states, “anecdotes from the past have suggested a ‘second car.’ A rumor had floated around for years that another 300 Hurst Convertible was built, but totaled by a train in a joy ride by a Chrysler executive. There is no available documentation to support this theory, therefore unproven. There was also one other ‘special built’ Chrysler Convertible. However, this car had a black interior, was born a T-code 350HP engine, and received a dealer transplanted Hemi engine, so it was not a true 300 Hurst Convertible.

Please read the complete ad, and view all photos. There is an exceptional amount of information to digest here, particularly all in the effort to verify without a shadow of a doubt that this is the one-and-only 1970 Chrysler 300H convertible. It’s an incredible piece of history and will likely fetch a significant amount of money.

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