Gallery: Coker Tire Guide To Mopar Muscle Car Wheels

Choosing wheels for your classic Mopar muscle car can be difficult. There are a lot of styles and sizes to choose from. Even when you choose a style and size, you need to worry about the quality of that wheel. That is why you should trust the experts at Coker Tire for all of your classic Mopar muscle car wheel and tire needs. They offer a variety of quality Mopar specific wheels so you know they are going to perform and fit.

Poor quality wheels might look similar to offerings from Coker Tire, but they are far from the same. A low quality wheel can fail in many ways and could lead to you or your precious Mopar being hurt. At Coker Tire you know that you are buying quality wheels made in the USA.

Above Left: Mopar Rallye Wheel in powder coat silver Above Right: Mopar Rallye Wheel in chrome.

There are a lot of styles to choose from and can be a bit over whelming. Wheels are one of the easiest parts to change if you do not like your choice which is great, but it is a bit of an investment. Coker Tire carries a wide variety of wheels for your classic Mopar muscle car and we rounded them all up to make things a little easier for you.

We wanted to show you all the Mopar specific wheels Coker Tire has to offer in one place. We sat down and blew through a couple hours searching through their catalog to see what Mopar options they had to offer. Hopefully this guide will save you some time on choosing a style and size.

Above: Magnum 500 wheel.

Coker Tire understands that wheel sizing for a 1970 Duster is going to be different from a 1969 Charger. Wheel openings, width of car, axle housing width, and more can vary between different body styles and years. Coker Tire has options that will suit majority of Mopar muscle cars from 1967 to 1977.

Let’s start with the popular Mopar Rallye wheels. Coker Tire offers multiple sizes of Mopar Rallye wheels. They offer the Mopar Rallye wheel in silver powered coat and chrome finishes. The light grey and dark grey Rallye center caps along with brushed and chrome trim rings will complete your wheel combo.

Above: Chrysler Road wheel.

Once you decide the Rallye wheel color and accessories, then it’s time to figure out what size you want. Coker Tire offers multiple wheel sizing for the Mopar Rallye wheels. You can choose heights from 14” or 15” and widths from 6” to 10”. They also offer the multiple back spacing options to make sure your wheel and tire combo fit perfectly under your classic Mopar.

Coker Tire also offers majority of their Rallye wheels in both 5 x 4” and 5 x 4.5” bolt patterns. This could save you money and the headaches of trying to switch from the small 5 x 4” bolt pattern to the bigger 5 x 4.5” bolt pattern.

Above Left: Mopar Standard wheel with OE Mopar center cap. Above Right: Mopar Standard wheel without center cap. 

Coker Tire’s Mopar Rallye wheels are made here in the USA. They are not some cheap out of round poor quality wheel from who knows where. Coker Tire stands by their wheels and offers a warranty 15 months from the date of purchase.

Next up is one of our favorites, the Magnum 500 wheel. The Magnum 500 comes in 14” and 15” heights and 6” to 10” widths to accommodate a variety styling and tire sizes. They are only offered in a 5 x 4.5” bolt patten.

Above: Mopar Police wheel.

Coker Tire’s Magnum 500 wheels are also made right here in the USA. They are superior over many other Magnum 500 wheels because they are made in California using modern technology, high strength steel and a triple chrome-plating process. You will not find the same quality Magnum 500 through other vendors. Coker Tire also offers new Magnum 500 center caps.

Similar to the Magnum 500 wheel, Coker Tire also offers the Chrysler Road Wheel. This design features a chrome center with black painted accents, and a powder coated black outer rim. The Chrysler Road Wheel uses a trim ring and a center cap to complete the look.

Above Left: Mopar Police wheel with OE Mopar center cap. Above Right: Mopar Police wheel with Baby Moon center cap.

Coker Tire offers both the trim ring and center cap for the Chrysler Road Wheel. The center cap is the same as the Magnum 500 wheel. The wheel is offered in 15”x8”, 15”x7”, 14”x6’ and 14”x7” with a 5×4.5” bolt pattern.

If you are looking for more of a low-key style wheel, then maybe Coker Tire’s Chrysler Police and the Mopar Standard wheels are for you. These wheels both have a stealthy look and both accept Mopar dog dish style center caps.

Above Left: Cragar SS wheel 15″x6″. Above Right: Cragar SS 15″x14″.

The wheels both come in a satin black powder coat finish that looks great and will last a lifetime. The two wheels will accept the factory Mopar dog dish style center caps, but finsing ones that are in good shape can be difficult. Luckily for you, Coker Tire offers OE Mopar center caps as well as a Baby Moon center caps.

Chrysler Police wheels are offered in 5×4.5” bolt pattern, 15” height, and widths from 4” to 10”. These have been a Mopar favorite for some time. Their subtle look and wide variety of widths can really dial in the perfect look for your classic Mopar muscle car.

Above: Cragar SS wheel 17″x8″. 

The Mopar Standard wheel offers a solution for both 5×4” and 5×4.5” bolt pattern Mopars. All of the Mopar Standard wheels are 15” in height, but range from 4” to 10” wide. This is an excellent option for those enthusiasts that want to keep their 5×4” bolt pattern and have some different wheel width options.

Once again the Chrysler Police and Mopar Standard wheels are made here in the USA. You can feel confident that when you purchase your wheels from Coker Tire that you are only going to receive quality products.

Above Left: Light silver Rallye wheel center cap. Above Center: Dark silver Rallye wheel center cap. Above Right: Magnum and Chrysler Road wheel center cap. 

All of these Mopar wheel options are great, but what if you are wanting more of a custom look? Something different from a factory style wheel, well Coker Tire also carries Cragar SS Wheels for your Mopar. The classic five spoke look of a Cragar SS Wheel is timeless.

The Cragar SS Wheel was introduced in 1964 and they still look great on any classic muscle car today. Coker Tire carriers Cragar SS Wheel in 15” height for those wanting a more classic style and also in a 17” height for those wanting a little more modern style. Both sizes are offered in 5×4.5” bolt patterns.

Above Left: Baby Moon center cap. Above Right: OE Mopar center cap.

Above Left: Mopar Chrome trim ring. Above Right: Mopar Brushed trim ring. 

The 15” Cragar SS Wheel comes in widths from 4.5” to 14”; whereas the 17” Cragar SS Wheel is only available in 7”, 8”, and 9” widths. With a show quality chrome finish, either option you choose will look great on your Mopar.

Coker Tire also has all the wheel accessories that you will need to finish off your wheel. Along side the center caps and trim rings, Coker Tire offers OE Mopar right and left handed 1/2” and 7/16” lug nuts. They carry multiple style valve stems, valve caps and other wheel accessories and maintenance items. This makes Coker Tire a one stop shop for all of your classic Mopar muscle car wheel and tire needs.

Above: Our own Comeback ‘Cuda showing off it’s Coker Tire Mopar Rallye wheels and tires. 

All in all, any wheel choice from Coker Tire is going to be a great one. You know their wheels are made here in the USA and all of them are going to be of the upmost quality. No worries of poor chroming, paint flaking, or out of round wheels. With the Coker Tire selection of Mopar muscle car wheels, they have something for everyone. If you have questions, Coker Tire is standing by and ready to help however they can.

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