Gallery: FuelTech Brazil Headquarters Suffers Major Damage After Historic Flood

Many subscribers of Mopar Connection Magazine’s YouTube channel will remember our tour of FuelTech’s Georgia facility where we walked around CEO Anderson Dick’s wild blown EFI ‘Cuda (if you haven’t seen that, scroll down. We included it below). The shop tour was awesome and the cars on display were nothing short of breathtaking.

Unfortunately, tragedy struck the industry leader in high performance standalone ECUs, when massive flooding hit the south of Brazil, decimating over 300 cities and eclipsing the damage of the historic 1941 flood – making it the single worst natural disaster to hit Brazil in recorded history. And with it went FuelTech’s new Porto Alegre headquarters.

Per Dick, the flooding remains with many buildings under 3-feet of water. The FuelTech building sustained heavy damage, with several cars swept up in the flood. Thankfully, several were able to be lifted high enough to clear the deluge (see gallery below). Currently, the FuelTech team is working to clear debris, assess damage and help the local community.

Anderson Dick wrote a Facebook post stating, “It will take a few days for the water to go down to actually see, but we will go through it but hundreds of thousands of people lost everything, at least 15 of our 200 employees lost their houses. Everyone is safe but we want to help them rebuild their houses. If anyone would like to donate something to help, it will be very [appreciated]. Please donate at this GoFundMe link.

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