Gallery: Maximize Your B-Body’s Wheelhouse With USCT Motorsports

Many of us have sat in the garage and stared at our 1966-70 B-bodies trying to figure out the best route for bigger tires. Whether it be for aesthetics or function, big fat wide tires look right at home tucked up in the wheel wells and hugged by the rear quarter. But how exactly do we get that look and/or function? USCT Motorsports has everything you need to achieve just that.

When looking to maximize your wheelhouse on your 66-70 B-body, there are three items that you will need. A Mini Tub kit, Growth Ring Outer Wheelhouse Flare kit and Spring Relocation kit. If you have a B-body Plymouth you will not need the Growth Ring Outer Wheelhouse Flare kit. These items will allow you to stuff the biggest, widest tire possible in the rear of your 66-70 B-body with utilizing the stock wheelhouse.

USCT Motorsports understands that many of us have pretty good mechanical skills but majority of us are not professional fabricators. They have put a lot of thought and effort into making these kits as easy as possible for anyone with a welder to install. Saving you time and money.

Starting with the Mini Tub kit, USCT includes everything you need to widen your factory wheel tubs. They have included a set of cutting templates so you know exactly where to cut the wheel tubs. The wheel tub fillers are pre-fabricated eliminating the need for any extra metal or fabricating yourself.

USCT also includes trunk hinge brace extensions. When cutting out the wheel tub out you will need to detach the trunk hinge braces. Once the tubs are widen you will need to weld in the extensions. Depending on the exact model B-body there are two different extension brackets, which are both included in the kit.

During the mini tubbing, you might need to install the Growth Ring Outer Wheelhouse Flare kit too. This kit is only required for Dodge 66-70 B-bodies. Plymouth does not need the growth ring since their wheel tubs do not have a pinch point like Dodge B-bodies. Who would have guessed that the wheel tubs would be different between the two?

The Growth Ring Kit is fairly straight forward. The kit comes with pre-fabricated outer wheelhouse growth rings for left and right side. Once you cut out the pinch point on your wheel tubs, these weld right into place.

Once installed, the kit will gain up to 2” width and 3” diameter on your rear tire. It also allows you to lower the rear of the car up to 1.5” without worrying about tire rub. You no longer need to have insane rake to squeeze those drag slicks under your Dodge B-body anymore.

The last part would be installing the Spring Relocation kit. Just like the Growth Ring and Mini Tub kits, the Spring Relocation kit was designed for anyone to install. The spring buckets are self aligning based off the factory leaf spring holes. This will ensure that the springs will be straight and square.

Many other kits have you just drill a hole in your rear frame section for the rear shackle mount. That was not good enough for USCT. Worried about strength, USCT includes a bracket and spacer to be welded in for the rear leaf spring shackle mount. This will help reinforce the rear frame where the shackle will mount.

Not only will these kits allow for a wider and taller tire, they will also allow you to safely lower or raise the rear height too. The spring buckets offer stock height bolt location plus one inch up and one inch down. This will allow you to raise or lower the rear end ride height by 1”.

Adding the clearance from the Growth Ring kit, you have enough space to lower ride height up to 1.5”. Depending on exact wheel and tire, you might be able to squeeze a little more or maybe not quite as much. USCT has worked on many builds with varying ride heights and wheel tire combinations. If you have specific questions feel free to call them.

Now for you of those that are worried about loosing back seat functionality, don’t. Installing any or all of these kits will still allow you to use your stock rear seat without any modification. Depending on exact model you may have to adjust the rear seat belt locations slightly.

Some things you might want to consider but are not required, is looking at running a shorter shock. The shock will not affect ride height, but you want to make sure you have proper travel in the shock so it does not bottom or fully extend out during normal suspension travel.

You also might look into shortening your rear end housing. This will be completely up to you and your wheel choice. If you want a deep dished wheel, you will need to pick out your wheel and tire combo, test fit them and have the rear end shortened to make them fit.

Do not be shy and give your 66-70 B-body that aggressive stance and function of massive rear tires. USCT Motorsports has spent hours developing these kits to make installation a breeze. To maximize your wheelhouse order USCT’s Mini Tub kit and Spring Relocation kit. If you have a Dodge do not forget the Growth Ring Outer Wheelhouse Flare kit too. The guys at USCT Motorsports are ready to answer your call.

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