Gallery: The Mopars of the Woodward Dream Cruise

Have you been to the largest car event on the planet? Well, you really should, it is something completely different! The Woodward Dream Cruise took place on August 21st, 2021. It takes place on about 20 miles of the famous (or infamous) Woodward Avenue that leads out of Detroit and into the suburbs.

This is where many of the stories of street races went on back in the heyday of the muscle car. All the major brands had skunkworks facilities along this road.

Roadkill Nights is the basic kickoff for the past few years for a week of car shows and fun leading up to the actual cruise on the following Saturday. But all week you can go out there and see cool cars cruising.

My game plan was always to end my day somewhere around 13½ mile road, just north of what used to be the epicenter of the cruise. My friends and I would sit on the north bound side and just watch for hours.

For the Mopar guys, Wednesday night during that week is when many gather just north of Vinsetta Garage at the Donut Cutter, an independent donut facility. It’s always a good time hanging out with friends. The collection of cars that pops in and out of there is quite incredible.

As you get close to the actual cruise day, more and more cars come out of the woodwork. The actual day of the cruise you better make sure you have a cooling system that is able to sit in traffic and idle for hours; beause doing one “loop” as they say around the entire Dream Cruise can take a few hours. And normally you don’t go faster than a walking pace.

I still recommend it, just plan ahead. I have heard from a few of the event organizers and others that about a million people descend upon the Woodward for the Cruise. It is absolutely worth it though; I haven’t missed it since hitting up the event in 2016.

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Ryan Brutt

Ryan is an automotive journalist from Chicago with a pair of Challengers (a '70 and a '09). Normally, in Ryan's free time (which is a lot), he drives around the country documenting old cars in their unrestored condition - also known as "Barn Finds." But he also writes about any sort of cool cars out there.

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