Gallery: Mopar Connection Attends The 2022 Performance Racing Industry Show

One of our favorite shows every year is the Performance Racing Industry (PRI) Show. The show is only open to those that work in the motorsport industry and not the public. This is done to help give racers, media, shops and others a chance at talking with some of the industry’s best companies without a crowd like SEMA.

We were curious what this years show would bring attendance wise. We thought that the numbers might be down, but to our surprise it was the opposite.  

We arrived early on Thursday and left on Friday afternoon. The show was stuffed full of attendees both days and we heard Saturday was even crazier.

As we navigated through the crowds, we were able to meet up with majority of our partners to see what is new and/or coming for 2023. 

One good thing we heard from multiple companies like Bill Mitchell Products, is that they have parts sitting on the shelves. They currently has multiple Gen II Hemi blocks on the shelves ready to ship.

Moser Engineering has plenty of material stock and is still only a 2 day turn around for stock or custom length axles. They also have popular 8.75” and Dana 60 gear sets sitting on the shelves. Just about anything in the Moser catalog can be ready to ship in just a few days.

Stopping by Holley booth, they mentioned the Gen III Hemi stuff is starting to make it back to their shelves too. Still not as quick as they liked, but it is getting better and not worse. They are also continuing to bring new Gen III Hemi stuff to market next year. 

QA1 is always a fun stop. Their tubular suspensions for Mopars and D100 were on display. The new black shock offering is a really cool look and more subtle than the bare aluminum.

You may have seen our recent article on the installation of the Edelbrock E-Force Supercharger on Project Trail ’n Thrash. We are super impressed with the results on our Jeep Wrangler. We have more Edelbrock tech articles coming in 2023.

Our friends at Powermaster had a full lineup of Mopar parts on display as normal. Their newest addition is a Jeep JK Wrangler 3.6L alternator. It puts out more total amps and more at idle than factory. 

This year seemed that all the big guns were out. Horsepower was the theme for this years PRI. We saw everything from top fuel to no prep racing cars and parts. 

Indy Cylinder Head had a couple cars on display as well as some big power motors. Their parts never seem to disappoint us. They have some very cool stuff that will be coming to market soon.

One company that is putting a big push for Mopar products is Trick Flow. We have seen new Mopar offerings from them over the last couple of years and now their new big block Mopar intake is a piece of art work. It was on display as well as their big and small block Mopar heads.

We had to stop and see what was new at the Mcleod Racing and Silver Sport Transmissions booth. The TKX 5-speed was on display and should be a no brainer for anyone looking to little to no fabrication for updating their classic Mopar.

McLeod had some great offerings in their clutch lineups. One of their newest products included a Jeep JK Adventure Series clutch kit and Max Mass Flywheel. They also have a ton of stuff on the shelves ready to ship.

At the Milodon booth we chatted about what was popular, and they said anything Gen III Hemi.  Specifically the Hellcat pans and they are working around the clock trying to make enough of them. They have a lot of Mopar products on the shelves, so do not be scared to give them a call for what you need. 

Our friends at Proform Parts always brings a booth full of products. They have some new Mopar offerings that will be released real soon that we think will be a huge hit. 

One very interesting product that Proform is helping market is the return of the RIMAC 1000lb and 500lb Big Blue Spring Testers. They are being made exactly like they did over a century ago. 

Another favorite display of ours is the Classic Dash booth. Seeing all the different gauge and dash configurations is awesome. The guys there are great and we have some new tech articles planned for 2023 that you will not want to miss.

Although Flaming River did not have any new and exciting Mopar products, they are staying plenty busy building Mopar steering columns. They have every option you could think of for a steering column for your classic Mopar and will bolt right in. 

On top of all the great Mopar parts and manufactures we talked to, there were some really cool Mopar cars on display. We know the Mopar community is small compared to some of the others, it seems there is always a good showing of Mopars at PRI every year.

This year did not bring any crazy exciting news for Mopars, but it did reassure us that the racing industry is strong and not planning on going anywhere. The manufactures are all doing well and trying to still fulfill demand as fast as they can. 

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