Learn How to Buy and Sell Collector Cars

Recently, CarTech introduced a book that should help every Mopar enthusiast purchase or sell their first or next ride. Patrick Krook describes the nuances of investing in classic vehicles in How to Buy & Sell Collector Cars. Krook, a partner and CEO of REV Muscle Cars, takes the time to describe the processes logically and concisely.

The heavily illustrated book covers the methods of discovering, assessing, negotiating, closing, funding, and taking delivery of a collector car, either in person or over the internet. In addition, the book provides tips to help a novice or an experienced buyer or seller. Krook emphasizes purchasing a vehicle that meets the buyer’s needs. That can be a project car, daily driver, seasonal driver, driven show car, trailered show car, or a private museum vehicle.

Krook discusses what makes a vehicle collectible. He covers how to inspect a car and when to employ a professional appraiser. Krook explains the benefits and pitfalls of buying and selling through an auction house in the book. He describes how the glitz and glitter of large car auctions can get the purchaser caught up in the moment and end up with a headache sitting in the garage.

Krook has points on protecting yourself during the purchasing or selling process at auctions. He explains the best times to have the car cross the stage and how to prepare the vehicle. Most important, he states, it is imperative to stay away from the free alcohol provided at the events.

Doing homework is the key to purchasing the best car for the money. Additionally, the book covers why documentation is so necessary. A vehicle that lacks credentials or has forged certificates (restamping of components, fake papers, etc.) can significantly reduce the value of a collector car.

Krook’s book provides in-depth information to get the best value from purchasing or selling a collector car. One of the best suggestions in the book is to treat all vehicle transactions as a business without making it a business. Keep it fun and enjoy the process. Lastly, if you already have a vehicle and want to rebuild, upgrade, or maintain it, check out CarTech for its extensive line of automotive-related books.

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Chris Holley

Technical Contributor Chris has been a college professor for 25 years; at Pennsylvania College of Technology in Williamsport, PA. for the last 20 years. Chris instructs automotive classes in HVAC, electrical/electronics, and high-performance, including using a chassis dyno, flow benches, and various machining equipment. Recently, he added a vintage vehicle upholstery class to his teaching assignments. Chris owns a '67 Dart, a '75 Dart, a '06 Charger, and a '12 Cummins turbo diesel Ram, and he is a multi-time track champion (drag racing) with his '69 340 Dart, which he has owned for 34 years.

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