Get a Jump on FiTech’s 2020 Spring Break Rebate

With spring finally here, how many muscle car owners will be heading out to the garage to fight with that finicky beast that sits atop most of our slant-sixes and V8s? One of the shade-tree mechanic’s worst nightmares is a carburetor that’s been sitting all winter with nary a droplet of gas urging its way through the primaries. Those diligent enough to keep fresh fuel in the tank along with some periodic warm-ups might be lucky enough to catch a spark after the first two or three “nyert-nyert-nyerts.” For the rest of us, it’ll be the familiar progression of cleaning out gummed-up gasoline, then trying to coax a fire from a few unwilling cylinders.

A savior to us all is electronic fuel injection. Even after months of dormancy in the depths of winter, we’ve had our fuel-injected Mopars roar to life with a quick flip of the ignition switch. Fortunately, there’s no time better than the present to kick that carburetor to the curb as FiTech Fuel Injection is now offering their 2020 Spring Break rebate.

From now through April 30, 2020, save up to $175 off of a fuel injection setup with a fuel delivery system. No less than forty part numbers are eligible for some kind of savings and one of them is sure to fill your EFI needs. All you need to do is purchase the qualifying kits, complete the rebate forms from their Facebook page, and mail them in with your proof-of-purchase documentation. For more information on the rules and regulations, email FiTech at or give them a call at (951) 340-2624.

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Kent Will

Kent grew up in the shop with his old man and his '70 Charger R/T. His first car was a 1969 Super Bee project when Kent was fourteen. That restoration experience lead to pursuing a degree in Mechanical Engineering and a career in manufacturing. Since then, the garage has expanded to include a '67 Satellite, a '72 Scamp, and a 2010 Mopar '10 Challenger.

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