Help Save More “Too Far Gone” Cars And Work For The AMD Installation Center

Ask just about any car enthusiast what their dream job is, and most of us will answer working in a shop. One that builds awesome cars like classic Mopars. Whether it’s full restorations, numbers-matching rebuilds or custom fabrication required, our friends at AMD Installation Center/Classic Muscle Metal are actively seeking talent above the average enthusiast.

The company has been in the business of building and restoring Mopars for nearly 20 years, and the opportunity to work for them as an Auto Body Technician or a Fabricator has come now. “We are considered to be pioneers in this business, and are the only shop in the US that focuses on just the body shell and nothing more,” the company said in its release.

Classic Muscle Metal details that its shop has been featured on several television shows such as “Grave Yard Cars” and “Chop Cut Rebuild,” so naturally the company operates at a higher pedigree due to its success. Some of the requirements of the position include living within 45 minutes of the shop’s location in Cleveland, Georgia, or the candidate must be willing to move to said area.

Moreover, the company is looking for someone who is comfortable working Monday – Thursday, forty hours a week, at four ten-hour days. Lastly, a high aptitude in general metal work, such as sheet metal fabrication, sheet metal gaping body panels and understanding deadlines are just the beginning. Undoubtedly, it will be rewarding work, so check out Classic Muscle Metal’s original Facebook post here for more details on its open position.

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