Holley’s New “Easy Level” Fuel Level Sender Wins SEMA’s “Best New Product”

Holley, a key player in the automotive aftermarket, was honored at SEMA 2023, with their new Easy Level Fuel Level Sender as the “Best New Product.” This advanced product, incorporating LiDAR technology, has set a new standard for precision in fuel level measurement and installation simplicity.

The Easy Level Fuel Level Sender stands out for its utilization of laser technology, providing accurate fuel level readings without physical contact. It is compatible with a broad spectrum of fuel tanks and electronic fuel gauges, eliminating the need for adjustments or reliance on moving components.

Displayed prominently at Holley’s SEMA 2023 exhibit in Central Hall, the sender caters to diverse gauge brands and accommodates tanks ranging from 4 to 39 inches. User friendly setup of the allows for programming empty and full tank positions.

Fine-tuning the dampening rate to minimize fuel slosh and gauge bounce is achieved through on-unit dip switches. LiDAR technology, replacing traditional components with a state-of-the-art laser system.

The Easy Level Fuel Level Sender addresses common challenges associated with float setup, eliminating issues like contacting baffles or tank walls. With a maximum operating temperature of 185 degrees, it ensures reliability across varying conditions.

Other then the Fuel Level Sender, Holley featured other standout products like the Sniper, D100 gas tank, and Hemi ignition coils, solidifying the company’s commitment to advancing automotive aftermarket solutions for Mopar.

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David Kruk

David grew up around classic cars, buying his first Mopar when he was 18 and has been addicted since. He currently has a 1970 Super Bee that he drives daily and competes in autocross and road course racing. He loves doing events like Power Tour, Moparty, SCCA, and Motor State Challenge.

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