Linda Vaughn To Join Hurst Nationals Weekend in Carlisle

Hurst is a name that has excelled regardless of what brand it’s tied to. The Hurst Olds 455? Classic. The Chrysler 300H? A totally underappreciated performance cruiser. The Hemi-Under-Glass Barracuda? C’mon now. And let us never forget the Hurst-equipped Hemi Darts and Barracudas. The only thing, this is person, more iconic to the Hurst name could be Miss Hurst Golden Shifter herself, Linda Vaughn; and the legendary trophy girl has recently been announced as a guest of this year’s upcoming Hurst Nationals in Carlisle, PA.

Like you had any more reason to go, Ms. Vaughn will be on-hand to autograph classic memorabilia, posters, headshots and pretty much anything else you can produce (within reason). She’ll also be joined by Bob Riggle and the newly restored Hemi-Under-Glass, Hurst engineer Don Glover, and the co-authors of “Hurst Equipped, Mark Fletcher and Richard Truesdell. It’s going to be a really awesome weekend, and you can count on Mopar Connection to provide you a complete recap of the weekend’s activities to boot, so hang tight!

Here’s the original and complete press release:
Linda Vaughn Announced for Hurst Nationals Weekend – The First Lady of Motorsports Coming to Carlisle

CARLISLE, PA – With the addition of the Hurst Nationals to the Carlisle Events schedule, it was obvious that besides the Hurst cars, one special attraction was a must! That attraction, Linda Vaughn, is no longer a hope or want, she’s a reality. Miss Hurst Golden Shifter will be part of the all-new Hurst Nationals at the Carlisle Expo Center and will also make a visit to the Carlisle PA Fairgrounds too as part of the Carlisle Chrysler Nationals. Both events take place starting July 14. The Carlisle Expo Center is located at 100 K St., just one block west of the Carlisle PA Fairgrounds.

In an automotive world dominated by men, Vaughn burst onto the scene in the early ‘60s and perfectly blended Hollywood, sex appeal and women into the ranks of motorsports. She is, without question, the First Lady of Motorsports and was the trophy girl at nearly every type of major motorsports competition, including Indy Car, Formula One and NASCAR. She’s been crowned the queen of many different tracks, products and organizations, but her attachment to the Hurst brand in the ‘60s propelled the one-time dental assistant and local beauty to an international superstar. She was so popular that she did USO type tours to Vietnam and even had similarly “built” assistants work as stand ins (Hurstettes) during the height of her popularity due to demand.

As part of her visit to Carlisle, her first since 2008, Vaughn will meet fans, sign autographs, pose for photos and talk about her time in the automotive world as one of its preeminent beauty queens. The first-ever Hurst Nationals is a can’t miss two-day happening and when combining that show with the long awaited return visit for Vaughn to Carlisle, there is no reason not to get involved.

“When you think of the Hurst brand you almost instinctively think of Linda Vaughn. They are almost inseparable,” said event manager Ed Buczeskie. “From an event planning perspective, getting Linda to the show was arguably as important as anything else and I’m glad we were able to make it happen.”

Again, autographs and photos are free and her appearance schedule will be announced closer to event weekend. Rest assured, she will be in Carlisle throughout the weekend to meet everyone who wants to meet her. Complete details about Hurst and Chrysler weekends, links to purchase single day or weekend tickets, specifics on Ms. Vaughn’s time at Carlisle and more can be found at or by calling 717-243-7855

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