Make Room with Earl’s 6.2L Hemi Supercharger Intercooler Manifold

The Earl’s design provides full access to each port while improving the appearance of the engine. Best of all, the manifold’s compressed design reduces the amount of room required under the hood.

Slipping a 5.7-, 6.1-, or 6.4-liter Gen III Hemi into the tight confines of a vintage Mopar engine bay can be challenging. And with each passing year since 2015, more enthusiasts are opting to forgo the naturally aspirated engines and install a Hellcat supercharged 6.2-liter Hemi into their A-, B-, C-, or E-bodies.

The supercharged Hemi devours more of the engine bay’s real estate than the non-supercharged Hemis, so properly fitting the engine may require modifications to the bulkhead (firewall). To lessen or eliminate the installation concerns and modifications, Earl’s Performance Plumbing has introduced its new supercharger intercooler manifold, which provides an additional 1.875-inches of clearance at the firewall.

Above left: Earl’s Performance Plumbing has introduced its new supercharger intercooler manifold for the 6.2-liter Hemi, which provides additional clearance between the engine’s supercharger and the A-, B-, C-, or E-body firewall. Above right: The Earl’s supercharger intercooler manifold is a 6061-billet aluminum design with an eye-catching black anodized corrosion-resistant finish. There are four ports on the manifold. Two ports accept -10AN female O-rings fittings, a third port will receive the factory temperature sensor, and the last port has a bleeder screw.

A 6061-billet aluminum Earl’s supercharger intercooler manifold design replaces the hulking factory manifold. The intercooler manifold comes in an attractive black anodized corrosion-resistant finish. The coolant inlet and outlet ports of the intercooler manifold are machined to accept -10AN female O-ring fittings. In conjunction with the -10AN fittings, the intercooler manifold will accept the factory temperature sensor (3/8-inch female NPT), and it is equipped with a bleeder screw (1/8-inch female NPT) to purge the intercooler system of air.

The supercharger intercooler manifold has earned an emission rating of five. Therefore, the manifold is 50-state legal for sale or use on emissions-controlled vehicles, non-emissions-controlled vehicles, and race only cars, because the part does not modify the vehicle emissions compliance. Swapping a supercharged Hemi into a muscle car era Mopar is complicated. By taking advantage of Earl’s product engineering, the supercharger intercooler manifold design eliminates one of the installation difficulties. More information about the manifold or products from any of the Holley companies is just a click away.

Above left: The Earl’s supercharger intercooler manifold is more compact when compared to the large factory manifold. The Earl’s manifold saves almost 2-inches of valuable under-hood space. Earl’s -10AN adapters fit nicely into the manifold. The factory temperature sensor is screwed in place. Above right: A second angle displays the stark difference between the intake manifolds. The Earl’s aluminum manifold looks more performance-oriented than the factory chunk of aluminum.

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Chris Holley

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