Mopar Connection Welcomes Silver Sport Transmissions For 2016

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Many enthusiasts are frankly terrified of the idea of cutting into their Mopars. Whether its because of a sense of keeping it “all Mopar” or simply not wanting to permanently modifying an already valuable vehicle, Mopar enthusiasts simply aren’t the types to flippantly grab a Sawzall when the occasion arises. The brain trust of engineers and car lovers at Silver Sport Transmissions get that, and like us at Mopar Connection, have dedicated themselves to producing modern “PerfectFit” 5-speed transmission kits that requires least amount of cutting necessary to fit a modern Tremec gearbox in the factory shifter location, allowing you to maintain your factory console.

That’s right! Unlike so many companies selling Tremec 5- and 6-speed transmissions to retrofit into classic Mopars, Silver Sport Transmissions is the only one to scientifically engineer and machine these top-of-the-line manual gearboxes to fit inside of the factory transmission tunnel without the need of a plasma cutter torch, a pneumatic set of tin snips or a cutting wheel. Rather, each kit (which comes complete with any parts and accessories required to install them in your particular A, B, or E-Body) is engineered to fit right – thus rightly deserving the name “PerfectFit.”


Silver Sport Transmissions (SST) is also becoming one of the largest vendors of the famous Tremec 5-Speed TKO, and prior to shipping, each and every transmission is quality tested for leaks, noise, and performance prior to shipping. As they say, “No one else performs all the testing we do.” In upgrading your 3- or 4-speed to a new Tremec TKO 5-speed through SST, you’ll also be picking up 30-to-50 percent more fuel economy, reduce engine wear and engine operating temperatures, and cutting down noise and vibrations that lead to driver fatigue, meaning you can go back to enjoying highway driving again!

In addition to their PerfectFit kits, SST also offers remanufactured factory automatic transmissions and even complete crate engines (for GM and Ford). There’s a ton of awesome stuff to see in the future from SST so stay tuned to Mopar Connection!

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