Silver Sport Transmission ’09 Dodge Charger R/T Project Update

The idea seemed easy enough: produce a 6-speed Tremec PerfectFit kit for all ’06-and-up Dodge Chargers. Priding itself on its commitment to factory-appearing, entirely-inclusive transmission swap/upgrade packages, Silver Sport Transmissions (SST) has the market cornered on flawless, as-close-to-factory-appearing late model manual transmission swap kits for classic Mopars, but what about the full-sized LX-based Charger (as well as the 300C and Magnum R/T)? It turns out there was a few major reasons why Dodge didn’t offer the option, nor aftermarket companies had attempted it before.

Undaunted, SST went to work, putting its Head of Engineering, Dick McCord to work on a ’09 Dodge Charger R/T Daytona. The Plum Crazy Purple Daytona is owned by Eric and Michelle Walker who have lovingly dropped off their car to serve as the guinea pig for SST’s development process. The physical exchange and fitting of the Tremec into the Charger was easiest of the process, pulling much from the architecture and design of the Challenger. Equally, SST discovered that getting Charger’s PCM to play nicely with the new manual was more trouble than expected, opting instead to purchase a second PCM and have it reflashed by an aftermarket programmer.

Surprisingly, the biggest hurdle for SST has been regarding the differential. The original plan was to swap the Daytona’s stock 2.82 rear axle ratio with an aftermarket ring & pinion. The stock Charger’s 215mm differential unfortunately, proved problematic to find a set that would fit their liking. That required a “Plan B” of sorts. With the 215mm being too difficult to find replacement gears, SST chose to swap the differential assembly with the factory parts from a second donor car.

As to be expected, this, and a few brand new, original Mopar factory parts, plus a new clutch pedal, are all being installed currently to not only beef up the Charger’s ability to handle the torque delivered by the new Tremec, but also accommodate the new transmission itself. As progress continues on Silver Sport Transmissions’ build, Mopar Connection Magazine will provide all of the latest updates.

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Kevin Shaw

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