SST Now Selling Quickdraw Brand’s Hemi Tremec T56 Bellhousing

Are you working on a project that involves a Gen III Hemi swap into a vintage Mopar? Because of the complexity of computer-controlled late-model automatic transmissions, you may be leaning towards the installation of a Tremec T56 six-speed manual transmission. You are not alone in your decision. Many experience a greater connection to their machine with a manual gearbox, and it feels sportier to row your own gears.

With the six-speed, there is deep overdrive gearing to provide decent highway gas mileage, and the need for a controller (required for the automatic) is not necessary. To connect the six-speed to the Hemi, Silver Sport Transmissions has jumped in to fill the void offering the all-new Quickdraw Brand bell housing for the Gen III Hemi.

The Quickdraw Brand Mopar LA/Gen III Hemi Tremec T56 Magnum bell housing kit provides the Mopar enthusiast with everything necessary to adapt a T56 six-speed to a Gen III Hemi or the LA and Magnum Mopar small blocks. The thick cast aluminum bell housing is a cost-effective alternative to a steel bell housing. The bell housing has a starter snout pocket machined into it to support the starter and avoid starter damage.

The Chad McKinney-designed, and USA-built Quickdraw Brand bell housing adapts an LS1 T56 or GM Tremec Magnum six-speed transmission to a Gen III Hemi (also the 273-360 LA and 318/360 Magnum Mopar small blocks). The high-strength aluminum bell housing is comparable in strength to a steel bell housing but at a fraction of the cost. The thick-wall A356T6 casting can easily handle the Hemi’s torque. However, the development of the heavy-duty bell housing is for the enthusiast who is building a street machine that will not see the drag strip or require an SFI certification.

The Quickdraw Brand bell housing kit comes with a dust cover, and it includes all the required fasteners for the engine, transmission, and dust cover. With a starter snout pocket machined into it, the design of the bell housing supports the starter, thus avoiding damage to the starter or bell housing. The bell housing operates with a 130-tooth flywheel starter ring gear and a 10.5-inch clutch disk kit.

Quickdraw Brand developed the bell housing kit with a dust cover and all the mounting fasteners for the engine, transmission, and dust cover. Designed for the street, the bell housing is for the enthusiast that does not plan to race their car. The bell housing works with a 130-tooth flywheel and a 10.5-inch clutch disk. For more information about the bell housing or the corresponding components, contact Silver Sport Transmissions.

So just how durable is the Quickdraw Brand bell housing? To prove its robustness, McKinney has videoed himself shooting a similar bell housing with a 12-gauge shotgun. Amazingly, the bell housing is indisputably bullet-proof as not a single buckshot pellet penetrated it.

If you are in the market for a high-strength, aluminum bell housing that delivers street driven resilience, contact Silver Sport Transmissions. They will not only be able to fulfill all your Mopar transmission needs, but they are also able to provide you with a genuine bullet-proof bell housing

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Chris Holley

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