Stay Warm This Fall With Vintage Air’s Gen II Heater

Many of us worry about staying cool in the summer, but in reality a little sweat never hurt. You can roll the windows down and open those fresh air vents in your Mopar and get a pretty good breeze. When the weather changes and it’s time to warm up on those fall mornings or evenings, that is a little more difficult to achieve without a heater.

Vintage Air offers the Gen II Heater with Defrost and Servo Door Control to keep you warm and your windshield defrosted. It is a revolutionary new design that offers superior performance and functionality. Best of all it is compact and easy to install under any Mopar dash.

This advanced system features a servo-motor-controlled air door, which ensures precise control over the air flow. The improved case design further enhances the efficiency of the heater, providing optimal heating in any weather conditions. Additionally, the exclusive electronic servo-actuated heater control valve allows for seamless temperature regulation.

One of the key features of the Gen II Heater is its user-friendly 3-knob control panel. This panel allows the user to easily adjust the temperature, fan speed, and heat/defrost balance according to their preferences. The inclusion of universal defrost ducts ensures that the windshield remains clear and free from fogging, even in extremely cold temperatures. Moreover, the Gen II Heater can also be used with optional dash louvers, offering even greater customization options.

Installation of the Gen II Heater is a breeze, thanks to its included 3-knob control panel. The knobs can be directly mounted into the dash, providing a seamless and integrated look. This not only enhances the aesthetics of the vehicle’s interior but also allows for convenient access and operation of the heater controls.

To further enhance its functionality, the Gen II Heater comes equipped with an electronic servo heater control valve. This valve ensures smooth and precise regulation of the heater, allowing for quick adjustments to meet changing temperature requirements. With this advanced control valve, users can enjoy a comfortable and consistent heating experience.

Vintage Air’s Gen II Heater with Defrost and Servo Door Control offers superior performance and convenience. Its innovative design, including a servo-motor-controlled air door and electronic servo-actuated heater control valve, ensures optimal heating and temperature regulation. The 3-knob control panel and universal defrost ducts further enhance user-friendliness and functionality. Make sure you stay warm this fall or winter and get your

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Gavin Wollenburg

Gavin grew up around Mopars in his lakeside home in Ohio, his father showing him nearly everything he needed to know about haulin' some serious rear in his '72 Dart Swinger. Since then, he's made his little A-Body a serious autocross contender and regularly shows the modern boys how an old Dart does it!

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