Video: Flaming River Bolt-In Rack & Pinion Steering

Flaming River Industries, of Berea, Ohio, has been manufacturing classic car parts for the last two decades. From steering columns, to electrical products for classic cars, Flaming River Industries offers a wide variety of parts for your classic car. The Bolt-in Rack & Pinion Cradle kit is an outstanding product that might fit your needs, if you are in the market for improving your steering column.

The Bolt-in Rack & Pinion Cradle kit is designed to retrofit any classic car, giving it the same feel of a modern car, without any modifications, whatsoever. There is no need for cutting, drilling, or welding, which means that it bolts directly to where the original location is, on the chassis. All that is required for installation is just a few, simple hand tools. This new steering system is much lighter, and much more responsive. It will give you a better turning radius than the original unit.

The kit has been out for almost ten years, now, and has been one of the best items Flaming River has out. Not only is the Bolt-in Rack & Pinion Cradle kit available for Mopars, but; it is also available for Ford, General Motors, and even the classy MG sports cars. A video on the company’s Facebook page, and YouTube channel gives a run-down of the Bolt-in Rack & Pinion Cradle Kit. If you are looking to add modern flair to your Mopar, then this add-on is for you! Give Flaming River a call, and order yours today!

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Maxx Kominsky

Feature Contributor Maxx is a Southern Californian hot rodder and classic car aficionado. With a passion for vintage surf rock, American iron and everything tied to these two genres, Maxx brings his love and passion to Mopar Connection with aplomb.

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