Video: Holley Sniper EFI Autolite Brings New Life To A Willys Jeep

Photo by Holley

A lot of our industry is gear towards modifying our vehicles, making more power, increasing tire size and more. For some enthusiasts, they appreciate the vehicles in basically stock form and do not want to increase performance or much else about their vehicle. There are times where technology can help improve a certain aspect of the vehicle without major modification. This could be radial tires, better bushings, bigger brakes, or maybe EFI.

The Willys MB/CJ3 Jeep is one of those vehicles that you often seen restored to its original glory and not modified very much. You see them at parades, events, shows and more. The flatfender Willys MB/CJ3 made its mark in history by creating the iconic Jeep shape, serving in World War II and then transitioning to civilian duty after the war. 

Photo by Holley

We can agree that the iconic Willys Jeep does not need much modification. It was built to go anywhere, easy to work on and great styling. It was made to be simple and reliable for the war. One area that could be improved on is the fuel system. The ancient carburetor is not very efficient, parts can be difficult to get and really not ideal with todays technology.

A fellow YouTuber, Turn N Burn, decided this was a weak point of his Willys Jeep and set out to adapt a Holley Sniper EFI Autolite 1100 to their “Submarine” Willys Jeep. Unfortunately there is no direct bolt on application for the L134 four cylinder Go Devil engine in the Willys. 

Photo by Holley

With a little ingenuity and creating a billet adapter with help from fellow Willys enthusiasts, Turn N Burn was able to make the Sniper EFI Autolite 1100 work on the Go Devil engine. The most difficult hurdle was adapting the Sniper unit to the factory Go Devil manifold. They are in the process of offering the adapter for other Willys owners to be able to bolt on the Sniper EFI system.  

Now that the Willys Jeep has the Sniper EFI Autolite 1100, Turn N Burn loves the performance. Not that it increased power a ton but the drive-ability. The efficiency of the Sniper is netting more gallons per mile, motor does not die on steep inclines, no issues on rough terrain, no issues in hot or cold weather, and more. You can see in the few videos that the Sniper EFI Autolite 1100 is performing awesome. This makes us want to start searching for a Willys and throw a Sniper system on.

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