American Powertrain Partners With Blue Print Engines To Offer Mopar Crate Engines

When you think of American Powertrain, the first thing you think of is transmissions. Since their start, American Powertrain have driven to help muscle car owners equip their cars with the best modern drivetrain technology available, offering overdrive transmission systems, hydraulic clutch kits and a wide range of drivetrain related parts. They are also the world’s largest Tremec transmission dealer which allows them to provide and sell any type of transmission you need to shift your project into overdrive. Their installation parts and systems are proudly made in the USA for unmatched quality.

Lately, they have decided to step out of their usual product zone and look one step ahead, literally. As mentioned, for many years they have sold the products that bolt up to the back of your engine. Now, they have teamed up with Blue Print Engines to offer crate engines as well, giving them the ability to sell everything you truly need under the hood of your car. While they sell quite a few crate engines for Ford and Chevrolets, they are just getting started in the Mopar market.

Right now, they do have one killer set-up for purchase though! Their Chrysler 408 crate engine is definitely something you’ll want to check out. Based off a 360 block, this engine is fitted with aluminum heads, hypereutectic pistons, a flat tappet cam, cast steel crank and a number of other goodies to produce 445 horsepower and 500 ft.-lbs of torque with 10.1:1 compression. These engines have been dyno tested and come with a 30 month, 50,000 mile warranty.

With American Powertrain, you can also custom order a crate engine to fit your exact preferences and needs. You can even choose to have it come complete with one of their 5 or 6-speed Pro-Fit transmission systems. Call them today at 931-646-4836 to order or request a quote online!

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Cody Krueger

Cody Krueger

Car Feature Editor – Since the age of 4, Cody has been obsessed with everything Mopar. On Christmas of 1998, Cody's parents gave him a rusty '69 Charger shell that his father saved from a field. Cody's garage still features that '69 Charger as well as the additions of a '70 Coronet, '71 Charger R/T, '71 Super Bee, '04 SRT-4, '06 Grand Cherokee SRT8, '08 Challenger SRT8 and a '17 Ram 1500 Rebel. Cody can truly and proudly say him and his wife are true Mopar nuts in love with all types of Mopars!

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