Build a G3 Hemi with Summit Racing’s Pro Hemi Camshafts

It really says something when a manufacturer rolls out not one, not two but seven new camshafts for the 5.7, 6.4 and 6.2 Hellcat Gen III Hemi engines. Summit Racing came out swinging with a whole selection of performance bumpsticks that will meet a variety of applications – from a hopped-up street machine to a full-blown, twin-turbo high octane race cars. Best of all, each is precision ground here in the US out of top-quality bearing steel billet cores.

Here’s the original press release:
If you’re on the hunt for a new camshaft for your 2009 and later 5.7L-6.4L Mopar Gen III Hemi, Summit Racing™ has you covered. The Pro Hemi Camshafts are precision ground in the USA from high-quality bearing steel billet cores and finished on modern Landis CNC grinders. We have a broad range of styles and profiles to suit everything from removing MDS on stock engines to high-RPM racing engines and everything in between.

Summit Racing™ Pro Hemi Non-MDS Camshafts
Say goodbye for good to repeated lifter failures, misfire codes, and valvetrain noise from failing MDS components with a Summit Racing™ Pro Hemi Non-MDS Camshaft. They are available individually or in Summit Racing™ Gen III Hemi MDS Delete Kits that include lifters, gaskets, and all the other components you’ll need to completely remove MDS from your vehicle’s engine. 

Summit Racing™ Pro Hemi Truck Camshafts
Available for 5.7L and 6.4L engines, the Pro Hemi Truck Camshafts are for folks who want to hot rod their daily driver truck or SUV. Stage 1 cams work well with trucks that tow often. Stage 2 cams makes great midrange, good top end, and have a steady lope. Stage 3 cams deliver strong midrange and top-end power. All Pro Hemi Truck cams work with the factory torque converters. 

Summit Racing™ Pro Hemi Automotive Camshafts
Wake up your Charger or Challenger with a Summit Racing™ Pro Hemi Automotive Camshaft. The cams are available in durations ranging from 206 to 232 degrees at .050 inch and .585 to .625 inches valve lift. They deliver maximum naturally aspirated power but also work well with well with superchargers and nitrous.

Summit Racing™ Pro Hemi Supercharged Camshafts
Summit Racing™ Pro Hemi Supercharged Camshafts have ramp profiles that are fine-tuned to deliver maximum power in 6.2L Hellcat supercharged engines. Stage One and Two cams have a noticeable lope and deliver great power through the entire RPM range. The Stage Three cam delivers a strong, steady lope and heaps of power through the midrange and top end.

Summit Racing™ Pro Hemi Turbo Camshafts
Summit Racing™ Pro Hemi Turbo Camshafts are specially tuned to enhance the flow of exhaust gases for quicker turbo spool-up. The cams are available in durations ranging from 218 to 232 degrees at .050 inch and up to .625 inches of valve lift.

Summit Racing™ Pro Hemi Big Gun Camshafts
Thanks to their highly aggressive profiles, Summit Racing™ Pro Hemi Big Gun Camshafts shine at making maximum power at high RPMs. These race cams pack between 232 to 251 degrees duration at .050 inch and up to .625-inches of valve lift to deliver gobs of power up to 8,000-plus RPM. They also provide excellent valvetrain stability with performance valve springs and OEM rockers and shaft supports. You’ll need to step up to aftermarket forged pistons with valve reliefs when using these cams. 

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