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Nearly every enthusiast would love to find a Mopar under the Christmas Tree or, at least, under a bow on the driveway, but those odds are slim. However, Mopar-related material stuffed in a stocking is a much more cost-effective alternative. CarTech® Auto Books and Manuals has plenty of excellent Mopar content and “How-to” books that relate to parts and pieces on our beloved Mopars.

Above: CarTech has history books and Mopar engine performance books. Not all of the CarTech books shown in the photos are still in publication. However, various online sources have a copy of nearly every CarTech book.

CarTech has books that cover the histories of racers, teams, and personalities of the muscle car era. In addition, CarTech’s authors have written books about Mopar vehicle restoration and modification, engine rebuilding and performance builds, late-model Gen 3 Hemis, transmission rebuilding, and drag racing.

CarTech’s history books are outstanding. Many of its celebrity books are quarter mile oriented. Hemi Under Glass: Bill Riggle and His Wheel Standing Mopars by Mark Fletcher and Richard Truesdell, Shirley Shahan The Drag-On-Lady by Patrick Foster, “The California Flash” Butch Leal by Bob McClurg, Don Prudhomme: My Life Beyond the 1320 by Prudhomme with Elana Scherr, and Linda Vaughn: The First Lady of Motorsports by Vaughn and Rob Kinnan, are all great books that discuss the highs and lows of a lifestyle often away from home while carving out their mark on the automotive world.

Above: “How-to” books will help any Mopar enthusiast get the maximum performance of the engine, fuel systems, and upgrades.

Additional CarTech automotive racing books include many related to Mopars that dominated the early days of drag racing. The following titles provide a great history of how Chrysler pioneered drag racing classes and ruled the competition until sanctioning bodies modified the rules ending Mopar’s reign: Early Funny Cars: A History of Tech Evolution from Gas Altered to Match Race Flip Tops 1964-1975 by Low Hart, Doug Boyce’s Drag Racing in the 1960s: The Evolution In Race Car Technology, and hot off the press Mopar Factory Drag Cars: Dodge & Plymouth’s Quarter-Mile Domination 1962-1972 (available in early 2023), by Steve Holmes.

Car lovers love to read about engine rebuilds or horsepower-increasing modifications, and CarTech has many titles. If a Gen3 Hemi engine build is upcoming shortly, check out Joe Hind’s book New Hemi Engine Swaps: How to Swap 5.7, 6.1, 6.4 &Hellcat Engines into Almost Anything (available in early 2023), How to Build New Hemi Performance on the Dyno: Optimal Parts Combos for Max Horsepower by Richard Holdener, New Hemi Engines 2003-Present: How to Rebuild, and New Hemi Engines 2003 to Present: How to Build Max Performance, both by Larry Shepard.

Above: More “How-to” books include engine building, ignitions, and even welding.

CarTech has multiple books for the classic small- and big-block wedges (and G2 Hemis). A sampling of great titles includes Jim Szilagyi’s How to Build Big-Inch Mopar Small-Blocks, How to Build Max-Performance Hemi Engines by Richard Nedbal, and William Burt’s How to Rebuild the Small-Block Mopar.

Mopar Action Magazine editor, Geoff Stunkard, has a great book about the Motown (Mopar) Missile called Chrysler’s Motown Missile: Mopar’s Secret Engineering Program at the Dawn of Pro Stock. Former Mopar Muscle Magazine and current Power Automedia Group Editor, Randy Bolig, put together Dodge Challenger and Charger: How to Build and Modify 2006-2014. Even Mopar Connection Magazine’s Publisher and Editor-in-Chief, Kevin Shaw, and Tech Editor Emeritus, Mike Wilkins have a quality restoration book named Mopar B-body Restoration: 1966-1970.

Above: CarTech has bibliographies that cover may personalities of the golden era of drag racing, and of course, there are even more engine build books.

If any CarTech literature ends up in your stocking or under the Christmas Tree, take advantage of all the time, research, and writing each author put into their book. Each book’s quality and depth will prepare you to tackle any “How-to” or to have a great understanding of the history of Chrysler, Dodge, or Plymouth.

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