Classic Industries Catches A Big White Fish; ’73 Plymouth ‘Cuda

You’ve got to be awfully bold to paint a car a color as ordinary as Spinnaker White. But when you have an E-body that looks as bad-to-the-bone as Sergio Leoni’s does, you can pretty much slather it in any color you like. Classic Industries simply couldn’t take a bad picture of this white-on-white 1973 ‘Cuda when Sergio brought it by their Huntington Beach, California facility.

According to the article, it was purchased in 1998 and sat for a few years, waiting for it’s time in the sun. “Work began in earnest in 2002, completely disassembling and gutting the car to remove decades of dirt and road grime. Fortunately, almost all of the original sheet metal would be preserved, even though much of it needed body work. The only exception was the rear deck filler panel, which was too far gone and had to be replaced,” Classic explains.

A stroked 440 graces the engine bay, dressed with MSD ignition, aluminum heads, Mopar Performance valve covers, and headers. All of that is covered by a factory-style dual-snorkel hood. Maybe the most impressive part of the E-body’s aura is its classic rake stance. Out back are a big pair of Mickey Thompson ET Street drag radials to harness the undoubtedly massive torque of the big cubic inches up front. Simple steel wheels with poverty hubcaps are subtle but enough make a statement; this fish means business.

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Kent Will

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