Classic Industries’ Mopar Body Style Guide Will Help You Sing Your A, B & Es

Among the automotive manufacturers, body style designations have pretty much used up most of the alphabet over the past six decades. Unfortunately, standardization has not been a priority, so it can be difficult to discern what these classifications actually mean. The letters alone don’t have much significance, but various models fit within body groups and often share parts with each other. For example, inner wheelhouses are listed for 1966-1970 B-bodies, so it’s pretty important to know if your project fits that description.

To clear up any possible confusion, Classic created a nifty guide to properly identify Dodge and Plymouth A, B, and E-body vehicles. A-bodies are the easiest to identify since, among the muscle car behemoths, they were basically a precursor to the modern-day compact car. Valiants, Darts, Demons, Dusters, and Barracudas through 1969 are all included, regardless if they’re the two-door, four-door, station wagon, or convertible variety. The A-body platform began in 1960, then came to an end in 1976 with the new F-body carrying the torch from there.

The B-body group might’ve been the most wide-ranging with models like the Polara, Coronet, Fury, Super Bee, Charger, Satellite, Belvedere, and Savoy. Be careful here, as there are some crossovers with the other platforms. For example, a 1964 Plymouth Fury is a B-body, but a 1965 version would be a C-body. E-bodies are the easiest with only Challengers and Barracudas on the docket. With this information in hand, it’s as simple as stepping through the Classic Industries catalog.

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Kent Will

Kent grew up in the shop with his old man and his '70 Charger R/T. His first car was a 1969 Super Bee project when Kent was fourteen. That restoration experience lead to pursuing a degree in Mechanical Engineering and a career in manufacturing. Since then, the garage has expanded to include a '67 Satellite, a '72 Scamp, and a 2010 Mopar '10 Challenger.

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