Classic Industries Offers OER Battery Charger/Maintainers

Another year has rolled by, and the chill in the air has returned. For those living in the colder states, the time has come to store their pride and joy away for winter hibernation. Part of the winterization process should include keeping the battery at its peak performance, so it will be fully charged when the ignition key is twisted in the spring. To maintain the battery, Classic Industries now offers a pair of Original Equipment Reproduction (OER) Battery Charger/Maintainers.

Above: The OER Smart Charger 1250 (1.25 amp output) is designed for cold-weather and storage usage. It comes with a 7-stage charging process that provides a safe, long-lasting charge. For the ultimate battery and operator protection, the 1250 Charger has four safety features: overloading, overheating, short circuit, and reverse polarity. The 1250 Charger can charge 6- or 12-volt systems. 

The ultra-compact OER Smart Charger 800 (part no. 21026) and the Smart Charger 1250 (part no. 21025) battery chargers and maintainers provide a high-frequency automatic charging output for 6- or 12-volt lead-acid and sealed absorbed glass mat (AGM) batteries.

The OER Smart Charger 1250 offers a 1.25-amp output through a seven-stage charging program, while the Smart Charger 800 delivers a 0.8-amp output through a four-stage charging program. In addition, the chargers have automatic intelligent charging via a microprocessor-controlled system, adjusting the amperage rate for proper battery voltage.

Above: The Smart Charger 800 (0.8 amp output) is similar to the 1250 Charger, with a few notable exceptions. The output of the 800 Charger is slightly less, and instead of a 7-stage charging process, the 800 has a 4-stage system. The 800 Charger is only for 12-volt systems.

Safety is essential when charging or maintaining a battery. The OER chargers monitor for an overload, overheating, shorted circuits, and reversed polarity. Additionally, the units’ leads are spark-proof, which reduces the chances of battery explosion of a discharged battery. Once the battery is adequately charged, the chargers move to a float mode maintenance strategy to keep the battery at optimum potential.

Above: Regardless of which OER charger selected, they both come with the charger/maintainer module, a 120-volt plug (AC), alligator clamps, ring eyelet terminal connectors, and detailed instructions. 

If you are not maintaining your Mopar’s battery, this is an excellent time to select one of the OER chargers from Classic Industries. The price tag of the charger is substantially less than a replacement restoration or OEM battery. Also, the chargers can be used on batteries found in boats, lawnmowers, ATVs, motorcycles, and jet skis.

OER-1250 OER-1250-Connected OER-800-Module OER-800 OER-800-1250

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