Door Glass Channel Weatherstripping Available Again At YearOne

The last one percent of a true restoration usually involves tracking down a cavalcade of correct detail parts such as emblems, knobs, hardware, and weatherstripping. New old stock (NOS), Chrysler reproduction, and aftermarket versions have all come and gone over the years, especially in the case of door glass channel weatherstripping.

This U-shaped soft seal fits on the front edge of the door glass for 1966-1970 B-body and 1967-1974 A-body models equipped with vent windows. Two pairs of sliders are pinned to the glass and work with the channel to allow the window to move up and down while also sealing the gap.

For many years, a fan favorite was Chrysler #2932230, but even those are drying up. Leftovers frequently fetch north of $250 per side when they can even be found. Luckily, YearOne has fresh ones in stock and available as a single side (P/N FD32230) or pair (P/N FD32230P).

Each side’s assembly consists of the channel seal, four slider shoes, and two pins for attachment. Page 23-46 of the 1969 Dodge service manual gives those who haven’t had the pleasure a better look at the situation within.

As simple as the assembly may seem, putting it all together takes some patience. A razor and a soldering iron are often involved to get it just right. Fortunately, there are tons of tips and tricks out there on the forums, so some research and a factory manual will do wonders.

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Kent Will

Kent grew up in the shop with his old man and his '70 Charger R/T. His first car was a 1969 Super Bee project when Kent was fourteen. That restoration experience lead to pursuing a degree in Mechanical Engineering and a career in manufacturing. Since then, the garage has expanded to include a '67 Satellite, a '72 Scamp, and a 2010 Mopar '10 Challenger.

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