Pertronix Ignition Power Packages Put Fire In A Box

Putting together a bunch of components that are meant to work in harmony almost always beats the heck out of a grab bag of brand-name pieces that may or may not all play nice together. Realistically, there’s no better way to do that than by single-sourcing your stuff from one supplier.

Pertronix is making it easy on the spark side of things with their all-new Ignition Power Packages (P/N 510C). The kit combines two of their best-sellers in the digital HP capacitive discharge ignition box and Flame Thrower III canister coil. This perfect pair should result in more power, quicker starts, and a higher quality spark at the upper end of the RPM range.

Lurking within the digital HP box are an integrated digital rev limiter, multi-spark capabilities, a tachometer output, an RPM-triggered output, onboard error logging, and 172 mJ of energy. Programming is simple via the four turn switches on the back.

The cylinder switch is self-explanatory while the mode control is where users can select nine different calibration functions. A pair of RPM limit switches work in conjunction to set the ceiling. Step-by-step instructions include details on those switches along with diagnostic codes and wiring diagrams.

The other half of this hot hand is the Flame Thrower III (FTIII) coil which is rated at 45,000 volts with a low 0.32 ohms of primary resistance. It’s all about charge speed and the FTIII is one of the fastest to hit peak current for peak performance.

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