Eco-Friendly Jeeps, Vans, and Rams on the Way


With the world in need of saving, energy conservation efforts are getting hard to ignore. Remembering to wrap the recycling in twine, wash cars with squirt bottles instead of hoses, turn off the lights, don’t feed the wildlife, and whatever else we are supposed to do, things can get a little challenging. Fortunately for us, FCA (Fiat Chrysler America) is better versed on requirements made to cut down vehicles carbon footprint.

Jeep Wranglers, Ram trucks, and minivans are the best selling vehicles in the FCA lineup. These models make up nearly eighty percent of FCA’s sales. Vans, Jeeps, and trucks are obviously not lightweight, and with the demand for towing and utility in mind, these models are not terribly fuel efficient. All that being said, FCA has faced criticism in the recent months regarding emissions output for their future vehicles. Luckily, FCA has big plans for the future of their Jeeps, trucks, and minivans…big plans that don’t include cheating on emissions tests.


First up looks like a “mild hybrid” engine in the next generation of Jeep Wrangler, which is just around the corner with new models of Ram trucks not due for another couple years. Time will tell how hybrid technology will affect the trail and street prowess of the Wranglers, but we are looking forward to a diesel offering scheduled for 2020.

Logic would suggest Wranglers are going to receive a powerplant along the lines of the Ram’s “EcoDiesel” motor. The three liter VM Motori motor’s 420 foot-pounds of torque would be a welcome addition for any Wrangler owner. Incoming GHG emissions regulations are making auto makers go green and it looks like FCA has plans to move their Jeeps, vans, and trucks in the right direction.

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Kyle Cunliffe

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