OER Releases Authentic Reproduction Fuel, Temp, and Amp Gauges for A-Bodies

OER - 1970-71 Mopar Fuel Temp Amp Gauges (High Res) OER - 1972-76 Mopar Fuel Temp Amp Gauges (High Res)

When driving your Mopar, it’s extremely important to monitor the engine’s vital signs to make sure everything is operating as it should. Problems with the fuel level, temperature, and battery voltage can lead to frustrating stalls, breakdowns, or even catastrophic engine failure if left un-monitored.

OER is well aware of these potential problems, as well as the desire of classic Mopar restorers to find authentic, high-quality replacement gauges. They have listened to everyone’s requests and as a result, the company recently unveiled six new reproduction gauges for the Mopar community: three for 1970-71 A-Body models, and three for 1972-76 A-Body models.

The first three new gauges fit 1970-71 Plymouth Duster and Valiant models, as well as 1971 Dodge Dart, Demon and Scamp models.

The next three gauges fit 1972-76 Plymouth Duster and Valiant models, as well as 1973-76 Dodge Dart Sport and 1972 Demon models. When installing this gauge on 1976 models, a 1970-75 printed circuit board must be used.

Both lines of gauges offer a fuel gauge, a temperature gauge, and an ammeter gauge; all of which have been manufactured to exact original specifications. Since these gauges are OE-style, they do not require the use of a solid-state limiter or updated circuit board to work. All of the gauges feature white lettering or numbering and orange needles. Further proving the authenticity of these parts, all of the gauges are certified as a Mopar Authentic Restoration Product.

Part Year Description
2984403 1970-71 Mopar A-Body Standard Fuel Gauge
2984404 1970-71 Mopar A-Body Standard Temperature Gauge
2984405 1970-71 Mopar A-Body Standard Ammeter Gauge
3592194 1972-76 Mopar A-Body Standard Fuel Gauge
3592195 1972-76 Mopar A-Body Standard Temperature Gauge
3592196 1972-76 Mopar A-Body Standard Ammeter Gauge


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Cody Krueger

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