Firm Feel Inc. Is Your One Stop Shop for Steering and Suspension

With many classic Mopars now decades old, the steering and suspension parts have likely been replaced or rebuilt a time or two using factory parts or cheap offshore parts. However, enthusiasts seeking the best have selected Firm Feel Inc.’s steering and suspension components for years. Firm Feel has suspension pieces for A-, B-, and E-bodies, as well as the less common C-, F-, J-, M-, and L-bodies, and each part is made in the USA.

Left: Firm Feel has Bilstein shocks for popular and less common Mopars. Center: When looking through Firm Feel’s catalog, there is an excellent selection of tubular A-arms. Right: If a front-end rebuild is in the works, Firm Feel has all the parts necessary to complete the task.

Firm Feel offers complete front suspension packages that will exceed the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) components. In addition, comprehensive rebuild kits are available with quality standard rubber or high-performance urethane. If suspension packages or rebuild kits are unnecessary, Firm Feel has individual pieces to get your Mopar back to peak performance.

Firm Feel has tubular upper A-arms for all Mopar bodies and adjustable strut rods for the A-, B-, and E-bodies for those looking for an upgrade over stock. Additionally, Firm Feel has heavy-duty and greaseable lower control pivot pins. Also, Firm Feel offers a lower control arm rebuild service where reinforcement plates can be added to increase the rigidity of the control arms. Finally, Firm Feel can make any size torsion bar with the Mopar hex end if custom torsion bars are needed.

Left: Firm Feel has front and rear sway bars in multiple sizes for better handling in corners. Included with each bar is all the required installation hardware. Right: In addition to the tubular A-arms, Firm Feel offers adjustable strut rods, greaseable or heavy-duty pivot pins, and lower control arm rebuilding, along with reinforcement plates.

Additional components sold by Firm Feel include Bilstein shocks, drop spindles, ball joints, leaf springs, leaf spring hardware – including spring hangers, aluminum body mount bushings, and front and rear sway bars. The sway bars are hand-crafted from the best quality spring metal. All the hardware and bracketry are included to install each sway bar. Every piece of a sway bar kit is heavy-duty to withstand greater sway bar rates, and the urethane bushings are fitted with zerk grease fittings.

Above: Firm Feel can make hex-end torsion bars for any Mopar. Contact its reps for more information. 

Lastly, Firm Feel has power or manual steering boxes and idler and pitman arms. Idler Arm Roller Bearing Kits from Firm Feel are engineered to replace the factory idler arm joints. The kit helps reduce friction in the steering system, resulting in smoother steering and increased durability.

To get the correct parts for your Mopar, check out Firm Feel’s social media sites (Facebook, Instagram, and website) or contact its representatives.


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Chris Holley

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